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Howzit Guys,


I’m Gareth. Born and raised in beautiful South Africa and now living in London.


I am super pumped to be alive and living on this amazing planet! The world literally is our oyster with so much opportunity and things to look forward to.


I worked as an Investment Banker in London for a looooong time and now earn my keep as a Podcast host and an Executive and Life Coach.


Through my travels and life, a few things have always stood out for me as being important:

People: Always look for the good in them. Deep down we are all the same and have so much to learn from each other!

Our beautiful planet: It’s each of our responsibilities to protect and nurture it.

Choice: We each have a choice in how we see the world, in how we respond to situations, and to how we treat ourselves and others. Be smart with the choices you make.

Time: Use it wisely. Makes the most of your opportunities and lead a life of purpose that fulfils you. Time is running out for all of us, so try not waste it on things that don’t matter.


I can’t wait to connect and hear from you all..!


Cheers, Gareth (read more about Gareth here)

Hey Guys,


I’m Craig. I grew up in a small industrial seaside town in South Africa, Port Elizabeth. I’ve lived in the Netherlands and now reside on the beautiful gold coast of Australia, where I practice as a Dr of Chiropractic.


I have always been into biology, obscure music, health and other trivial things – like the meaning of life. My life’s mission is to find a better way to greater health and ways to increase our health-span.


As people we are here to help and inspire each other. We are on a journey, finding our true connection and our humanness with one another.


Please enter our world, Ridiculously Human.


Cheers, Craig (read more about Craig here)