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Getting The Small Things Out The Way…

So I’m now starting to slip into a nice little routine and getting better at keeping focused and planning my days!

Today was one of those days where you pat yourself on the back because you’ve finally done what you promised yourself you would do for the last few months. Do you ever find that you have one little thing which you need to do but say you’ll save it for another day? It’s not a super important task but something you need to do at some point. Maybe we should call it a chore, because nobody likes chores and that’s probably why it’s put on the back burner. The problem is there is always another little chore which pops up a few days after that….now we have two chores. That’s ok because we ‘know we will get to them’….then the following week another one of these little chores pops up and now we have 3, we still don’t do anything about it!! They have now become something which you think about daily and you almost want to avoid because there are many other big things which you also need to do!!! OMW…is it just me, is it a guy thing or do we all do it?! Talk about adding unnecessary stress to your life! Eventually you decide to tackle these little chores/tasks and they are far easier than you have been making them out to be but just take a little time…. the feeling of satisfaction you get once doing them is quite profound mind you. So today, going to the rubbish dump, vacuuming the car, taking the gas cylinder to the depot and cleaning the house windows were 4 of those little bad boys which absolutely did it for me today. Hoooraaaay!

It’s back to 5am starts which I do enjoy because you get so much more out of your day. We wake up and do our WimHof breathing exercises and have our cold showers afterwards which are getting a load easier now. Here is a link to an interview with WimHof explaining more about his method with a lady called Dr Rhonda Patrick (it’s long and goes quite in depth)

I’m absolutely loving my Nutrition course which is a pre-requisite for the Chef’s Diploma I am doing. It’s rather fascinating learning about all the constituents of healthy, balanced eating. Understanding how the macro and micro nutrients work, how they are digested, different diseases and syndromes people suffer from which can often be prevented or healed with a healthy eating plan. Once you start digging deeper you realise all the intricacies of nutrition which 100% confirms for me why we should take more care with what we put in our mouth and on our bodies.

All my course work has now arrived for the AltMBA which I begin in July. I think it is going to be a helluva intense month of learning based on the schedule which they have now confirmed. I do dig throwing myself in the deep end sometimes because it helps me focus and challenges me to push myself. They sent 10 books in my UPS parcel which we need to read – already one down called The War of Art – it is a must read for any procrastinators like myself!!

Had a couple of technical learning moments this week – do you know that YouTube spent millions of $$$$ creating software which uses voice recognition and can automatically add sub-titles to your videos??!!! It’s not always 100% accurate by jeepers is that going to be a massive time saver for me in the future…..a good reason for me not to procrastinate and start making some cool YouTube vids! Also FaceBook does not easily allow you to change the name of your FB Page – even if your business does genuinely change it’s name. They have many rules around it. So I’m struggling a little getting them to approve the name change of my FB Page which is a little annoying. So if anyone has any mates at FB…..?!

I finally have my new email set-up for Fit Ethos, so that is cool. I’m now just waiting for some domain mappings to complete so that I can change the name of this blog and then also get it added to my future website. All these things take time though…baby steps Gareth, baby steps….patience Gareth, patience

Hope everyone is having an awesome week and long may this amazing weather in London continue!!

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