This coaching leads to you feeling validated and so empowered as you are finding your own strength to really push forward



I had always been creatively minded and was always encouraged to follow a creative path but with the responsibilities of life, I was at a crossroads of seeking banal employment just for the money or following my passion and pursuing a creative business endeavour.

Having had no real hands-on experience of running a business I was struggling with the amount of pressure I was putting on myself to be an attentive mother, a provider and also an entrepreneur and someone my son would and could look up to in the future. I had invested in the equipment to begin a business but I was overwhelmed with where to start and what to prioritise outside of my parental responsibilities. I was suffering from, which I quickly realised, was a very deep-seated lack of belief in my ability to be truly a success no matter how much I said I wanted it. I needed help but was at a loss of where to start.

I was aware of coaching as a business and had a vague understanding of areas in life you could be assisted with but was unsure with the process and what it actually entailed until Gareth Martin was brought to my attention.

I was first made aware of Gareth via social media as he was highly recommended by a close friend of his and instinctively I jumped at the opportunity to make contact with him. From our initial ‘chemistry call’ the connection was amazing and I decided immediately to proceed with the 12-week programme and after our very 1st session had ended I recall feeling instantly invigorated and became excited about a vision of my life in a way I hadn’t been in a very long time.

In the 12-week partnership things got very real and very honest so very quickly which was unnerving to begin with but then became so refreshing and liberating and enjoyable to just say what’s on your mind without editing which helped me to break down my own assumptions about myself and my ability to strive forward.

During this programme, you are not told what to do or what direction to go in but instead offered different perspectives which enables you to focus solely on the positive outcomes and what your joy really is which in turn helps you to develop goals and actions to set you up on your own path. This then leads to you feeling validated and so empowered as you are finding your own strength to really push forward with what you really want to achieve in life. With the new found enthusiasm relationships with oneself and those around change to a level of authenticity that communications and interactions become easier.

What is instantaneously evident with Gareth is his lively positive energy and genuine warmth and love of wanting to help people reach their true potential. He has a wealth of knowledge and learning in many areas which are all focused on and around the human condition and development and this wealth of knowledge is applied to his methodologies. In addition, are the valuable resources he provides in brilliant reading lists, comprehensive feedback notes and weekly coursework all designed to get you started on building a solid foundation from where all your successes will be built upon.

He talks the talk and walks the walk which is clear and evident in his immense social media presence where you can see this is not just a coaching job to him. This is his passion in life and he fills every corner of it with ways in which to enrich the lives of the people he connects with in making better use of time we have on this earth. He has surrounded himself with some of the best people in their field and dedicates himself to learning and understanding what makes us “Ridiculously Human” which is also the name of a very successful podcast he co-hosts with a brother from another mother.

This journey has not been an easy one and many times I was left feeling vulnerable but its digging deep and exploring your past which can really shine a light on present behaviours and when this realisation and acceptance happens is when the magic and changes start to really happen. But Gareth provides a safe and comfortable space which allows this deep exploration and the unpacking of behaviours to become educational making it an experience worth the investment not only financially but time wise too.

Now, I am tackling my days confidently in the knowledge that my actions big or small will get me that bit closer to the goals that I have set and my fears around making decisions and taking actions have all but disappeared and have been replaced with focus, clarity and ambition.

I looked forward to each and every session wanting to report in about my week and talk about the changes good and bad I had noticed along the way and we could celebrate successes no matter how slight they may be, and this action elevates you to a place where you begin to live your life unapologetically and fiercely.

The questioning of my capabilities ceased and I remembered where it all began and started to really catalogue my strengths, training and previous experience that would allow me to achieve this creative endeavour.

My career goal is to create a textile design business that offers two dimensional stitch and print designs based on nature, form, function and quality in the creation of bespoke and personalised cushions for both commercial and residential projects.

I have a strong training background in fashion and machine sewing and substantial experience in customer facing roles in the retail, lifestyle, fashion and textile industries so the foundation was set and my goal was in sight.

I was set the task by Gareth to be accountable and make this dream a reality by designing and making a cushion that represented him and our time working together. With this challenge and the reality setting in, I was briefly dogged with “am I really good enough?” and “I just want it to be perfect” but was supported and put at ease at the idea of nothing and nobody is perfect in the beginning. But it’s in the action of ‘doing’ that the realisation of areas to improve on will be discovered. You just have to do it. So within the 12 weeks of working together I made my very first intended bespoke cushion for Gareth Martin and the feeling of achievement was overwhelming.

I also felt triumphant in my personal life too.  What began as a professional decision to work with a coach also became delightfully self-indulgent. As a lone parent to a 4 year old you of course make the child the centre of our universe neglecting many aspects of yourself as a parent, a woman and individual. But to have focused me time every week was a reminder that I can still make a positive and active contribution daily and making personal improvements made me happier and has had a positive impact on those around me too

I feel restored emotionally and have a level of acceptance in myself that makes me feel like the most unstoppable person ever. As Gareth reminded me many times that this is just the beginning.

This experience has been truly life changing and I have been singing Gareth’s praises to anyone who would listen.

I truly believe in Gareth’s vision and saying thank you doesn’t even come close to my appreciation of him and his service.



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