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My first Medium post — over 365 days late!

I have honestly had this account for over a year now and also had a reminder in my phone for probably the same amount of time saying that I need to start writing on Medium!! The amount of times that reminder has been snoozed and reset is rather ridiculous and embarrassing! Sometimes I do wonder if the lizard part of my brain is more like a tyrannosaurus than a measly little lizard 😉 Oooppss there I go again 🙂 I just got distracted again by checking out my IG for the last 30mins!

It’s amazing and baffling all at the same time how most of us are wired and suffer from the same ‘traits’ and fears. We all want to do things, to start businesses, to develop an app, to look for a new job, to begin an exercise program and also have millions of other ideas but we actually never get around to doing them. Procrastination for me is a biggie which I have over the years got a little better at but it takes practise to re-wire the way you think and operate as a human. The fear of what people think of something you do, say, write, record is also crippling for so many…you kind of wonder where it all started to go wrong? Is it society, is it the way we are educated, are we all too insecure? I would love to see what the world would be like if we were encouraged to only work in a field we are passionate about or if we were encouraged to fail more. Some things in this world are soooooooooo obvious but yet we don’t practise or encourage them i.e. one of them being to learn from our mistakes. Well firstly we need to make them and therefore we need to push the boundaries and promote everyone and anyone to be creative, to challege the status quo to live with passion and participate in what they believe in. We should also then practise compassion, accept other peoples worldviews and perspectives and have an open mind when listening to them.

I’m no expert but hopefully through my trials and tribulations over the years I have learnt a thing or two and now find myself wanting to teach people to be better versions of themselves, to be accountable, to be healthier, to participate, to start having fun again, to have a voice, to understand that it doesn’t matter what you do (right or wrong) the world is still going to be spinning tomorrow and the sun is still going to rise in the east and set in the west. We are all in this together and we should all have each others backs.

Through my little fledgling Fit Ethos and our other fledgling Ridiculously HumanWe aim to educate, inspire, motivate and unlock that burning desire inside you to make the change you have always wanted and to be a better version of yourself!

Let’s do this…!


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