“It was finding that something that I knew I was looking for”


Metalsmith. Actor. School Teacher. Designer. Rugby Player. Dad. Jewellery Maker. Networker. Class Clown. Smiler. Side Hustler. Founder of Gold Pan Pete.


There are going to be times in your life when you feel that things are not quite right. Like you may be a little lost, in a job you don’t quite connect with, or are perhaps slightly bewildered. The good thing is, it’s totally ok. We all need a bit of time in our life to wander.


Our guest this week, Alex Moore, knows all about trying his hand at many things. In fact, it’s part of who he is and why it makes him such an interesting human to speak with and listen to!

Alex Moore - Gold Pan Pete

Alex was born in St.Louis, Missouri. He grew up in a quintessential American town and is still best friends with two of the guys from his same road! His Mom always encouraged him to try different things and to travel too. She would remind him that if things never quite worked out, that he could always come home 🙂


In his early years at school, he enjoyed art, ceramics, and sculpting, a creative side he would re-visit many years later. His first year of university in California was pretty sweet! He started working for and touring with, his favourite band called Sublime! He also got involved in acting classes.


After a couple of years working as a chemistry teacher, it was his love for rugby and his appetite for travel and adventure, that took him on a path to the UK. He worked as a primary school teacher while playing rugby. He also started landing himself a few small roles in various movies, like Green Zone, Captain America, RED 2 and The Dark Knight Rises.


The best thing about his time in London was that he met his wife, Paula. It was a trip to New Zealand, a couple of years later to visit her family, when Alex told his future father-in-law, that he wanted to spend some time gold-panning to find enough gold for his wedding ring…after 40 hours of panning, they had found 1.5 grams of the required 20 grams to make a ring! For two years, back in London, Alex attended jewellery making classes and found his new calling.


After moving back to New Zealand permanently to start their family, life dealt them a devastating blow when their one twin, Grace, was diagnosed with a brain tumour…


These days, Alex is the proud founder of Gold Pan Pete, a jewellery making business, and he works as a part-time school teacher too. He is also a Dad to three beautiful and healthy children, who he gets to spend much more time with than ever before.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Alex Moore, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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