“You know, when in doubt, wait it out, because there’s some reason that you’re not getting a BIG YES on it!”


Radio and Podcast Host. Brand Mother. Celestial Spirit. Storyteller. Adventure Mentor. Co-Author. Underdog Cheerleader. Promotional Marketing Expert. Podcast Guest Coach.


How we enter this world and our early childhood years are certainly luck of the draw. If there is literally one thing that we don’t have a choice on, it’s who our parents are and the way that they bring us up. Parenting is a massive responsibility which must never be taken lightly. As soon as that incredible little creation enters this world, you need to have your A-game on.


Our guest this week, Alexis Ray, was born in West Palm, Florida, and was the eldest of four siblings. She, in fact, did not know that her ‘Dad’ was not her real Dad until she was a young child.

Alexis Ray - Author, Radio and Podcast Host, Storyteller, Creator of Promotional Angles

Life up until the age of 7, was fairly normal, barring her real Dad trying to kill her when she was 2 years old. Her twin brothers were born (to different fathers) when she was seven, and that’s around the age that her step-dad started abusing her. It was a dysfunctional family setup on steroids.


Alexis was a seriously insecure little girl, as you can imagine. She felt that nobody was in her corner or accepting her for who she was. Every day, she’d come home from school and put her hand on the doorknob and fear would run from her tailbone to her head. She never knew what she going to walk into. It was like that 🙁


While babysitting at 31 years old, sitting in front of a firepit, she had not heard from her parents again for another birthday…It was a rather profound moment in her life because she decided to figuratively divorce herself from her parents. She also decided to change her name to Alexis Ray after reading a book called, Mutant Message Down Under.


A lot of Alexis’ time and life has been spent on re-inventing herself from the inside. However, she also spent decades depressed and was an energy vampire who sucked the air out of the room and life out of her friends. The financial crisis in 2008, killed jobs and it was hard to survive. She was living in Denver, in and out of women and homeless shelters, lifestyling as a crackhead.


In 2009, a call from Australia was the answer to a prayer and she ended up living in Australia for the next 3 years, helping her friend and various other people with branding and marketing to grow their businesses.


Her life is all about sliding doors and pivotal moments. With more than 35 years training, experience and focus on reinventing one’s life from the inside-out, her level of spiritual awareness, awakens in others the memory of who they really are…she is living proof that you can truly turn your life around.


It is without a doubt that you will take a massive amount of value from Alexis’ story and her openness to say it how it is.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Alexis Ray, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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