“We all have more introspection work to go through. That’s the one thing that holds us all back and how willing we are to do that work too”


Executive and Life Coach. Bestselling Author. Professional TEDx Speaker. Podcast Host. Triathlete. Personal Trainer. Dad. Business Strategist. Husband. Smiler.


There are so many emotions attached to incidents that occurred during our childhoods. These often lead to limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and little inner critics, which dominate and take control of our future selves.


Our guest this week, Bryan Falchuk, knows this all too well. When Brian was five years old, his parents got divorced and that’s when his love-affair and addiction with food became his comfortable place and way of dealing with things.

Bryan Falchuk - Executive and Life Coach. Bestselling Author. Professional TEDx Speaker. Host of Do A Day Podcast

Weight and being obese became his identity. Bryan was referred to by his weight, instead of his name, which was hugely traumatic and demoralising for the young man. He also feared to eat in front of his Dad because of the looks he’d get.


Being extremely overweight and getting ridiculed about it, caused Bryan to have major anxiety issues. It’s not that he knew it at the time, but looking back as an adult, he says it’s impossible not to recognise. The anxiety and unhappiness would stay with him until his 30s.


There were however, life-changing moments which happened, and people who mentored and helped him along the way too. His high-school PE teacher, Mr Andre, was one of the first to speak to him differently and more importantly, listen to him too. That was the start of his 100-pound weight loss journey!


In 2011, his life would be flipped on it’s head and he nearly lost everything. His wife was on her death bed with a chronic illness. It didn’t seem like she was going to survive, she was losing 2 pounds a day, bedridden and weighed less than 100 pounds. The look he received from his son, looking over his mom, was the wake-up call he needed. In that moment, Bryan realised three things (i) that he wasn’t being the supportive husband he needed to, (ii) that he didn’t want his son to be a one-parent child, and (iii) that Bryan’s own sense of self-love and respect was basically zero.


As a result, Bryan started taking more care of himself and his family too. He was sharing his transformation online which got people curious. It ultimately led to Bryan transitioning from a management consultant to becoming a coach, as people liked the blueprint of what he was doing.


A mentor helped Bryan realise and push him to scale his coaching business. That’s when it became clear that he needed to write a book about this methodology, so he wrote his book and rather aptly named it, Do A Day.


His book launched the next phase for him, where things became a lot bigger and he has now given three TEDx Talks, spoken on many different stages, and has his second book coming out soon!


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Bryan Falchuk, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

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