Carla and Emma Merrymaker - The Merry Making Sisters

“We get lost in the idea, which is not real, that we have this infinite amount of time ahead of us”


MerryMakers. Bliss Followers. Yoga and Pilates Instructors. Life Chasers. Energy Babes. Savvy Business Women. Truth Talkers. Sisters. Podcasters. Health Advocates.


Many of us, spend so much time these days chasing the next big thing and some form of notoriety. This also means that we lose out and don’t actually have the time or space to focus on what we are actually here for… experience and live life to the full!


Our guests this week are no ordinary humans and definitely no ordinary ladies, they are big time merry makers! More specifically, they are, The Merrymaker Sisters. These sisters certainly are best friends and have been all their lives.


Carla and Emma, grew up in the Australian capital, Canberra. They enjoyed a very happy childhood and feel like they won the parent lottery when they were born!! They have pretty much always worked together, from making sandwiches to their government desk jobs.

Between them, while growing up, they were subjected to bullying and suffered from bulimia and orthorexia – which is an obsession with eating foods that someone considers healthy. They were also accustomed to the perceived way of living healthily, which at the time meant counting calories, trying fad diets, eating too little and exercising excessively. As a result, they suffered from low self-esteem and body confidence issues.


2012 was a big shift in their lives when somebody told them about an article discussing the real-food way of eating. With sharing their stories and recipes online, they found their bliss and realised there was more to life for them. So they started their blog….and two years later both wrote the same resignation letter and quit their jobs!


In the conversation, we spend a lot of time discussing the psychology around eating disorders, body image, body confidence issues and the importance of having an open dialogue to talk about these things. Carla and Emma, certainly opened up to us with the traumas they faced growing up. More importantly, they also offer sound and quality advice, together with a set of tools which helped them to overcome their struggles.


These days, they help over 1.5m people each year to be happier and healthier, through their blog, website, app and social media pages. These girls are flying and deserve every single bit of success which comes their way.


We all have a lot to learn and absorb from their energetic and fun way of being. These are special girls and this is a special chat. We hope you enjoy and assimilate the good vibes and valuable lessons.


Let’s find out what it means for Carla and Emma, The Merrymaker Sisters, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings

Craig and Gareth


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