“I had idealised this whole idea of being thin like them, and then whole world would open up to me. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite”


Motivational Speaker. Blogger. Coach of Mom’s. Woman Whisperer. Psychology of Eating Expert. Adolescent Motivator. Smiler. Founder of Cup Of Casey.


Our Podcast guest this week, Casey Schmidt, was heavily influenced by the relationship she had with her parents and sisters. She was fortunate to have spent a few good years with her father before tragedy struck when he passed away at forty five years old, from stage four lung cancer, even though he had not smoked since before she was born.

Casey Schmidt - Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Coach of Mom’s, Woman Whisperer, and Founder of Cup Of Casey

Casey, is the youngest of three sisters. Growing up, she remembers her mom and sisters doing a lot more things together, especially around big events like homecoming. She had also always wished she could be thin like her sisters…


So she started off on a very normal diet, just being conscious of what she was eating. She also became a really good swimmer, and would practice twice a day. At some point during that summer, Casey stopped controlling the diet, and the diet started controlling her. She remembers it feeling really scary because she had turned into someone that she had never known before. She didn’t recognise herself by the fact that she was super withdrawn, didn’t want to go out, was lying to her Mom all the time, and was covering up of her whereabouts to her dad and family. She was also covering up her eating disorder.


From personally experiencing such tragedy and pain in those early teenage years, to now teaching kids herself, she is inspired and excited to let kids know that they are not invisible. They are not alone with their thoughts, fears and anxiety. Casey sees it as her goal to provide a psychological toolbox of tips, tricks and strategies to navigate life, and hopefully provide social support and emotional structure to weather all the storms that come their way, and ultimately live happier, and healthier lives.


Like many of us going through teenage hood and puberty, she suffered with bad skin. From a young age, Casey always wanted to be either a dermatologist or make-up artist. Now, Casey, works for a well-renowned skin care and make-up brand. She loves to make women feel better about their skin and encourages them to use safe and clean make-up and skin products, because what we put on our skin every single day has a huge impact on our overall health.


Amongst the most important things in Casey’s life are her relationships. The relationships she has with her husband and kids are where she focuses the large majority of her time, and makes sure that she is 100% present with them whilst in their company.


What is the key ingredient to make a relationship work and thrive? Communication. Something which Casey and her husband remind themselves of and practise each and every day. Instead of jostling for positions and attention when they meet after a day’s work, they give each other time to hug it out before saying what is on their mind. A big mantra of her’s is that it’s all in the delivery of what you are trying to communicate. You can say the same thing, either kindly or impatiently, and each one will get you completely different reactions.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Casey Schmidt, to be Ridiculously Human.


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