“All nervous systems in the collective field vibrate to the highest functioning nervous system”


ex-Navy SEAL. Healing Expert. Coach. Speaker. Author. Spiritual Being. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Founder of True Body Intelligence.


Everything that we do in life revolves around an exchange of energy. As a result, each interaction that we are involved in is effectively a co-creation. You’re co-creating when sitting with others around a table, through exchanging glances, your thoughts, your body language, and while you’re conversing.


Our guest this week, Christopher Maher, is a naturally high vibing person. He makes it his mission to always bring his best self to each interaction that he has. His secret is to make sure that his central nervous system is operating in receptive mode, as opposed to protective mode.

Christopher Maher - ex-Navy SEAL. Healing Expert. Coach. Speaker. Author. Spiritual Being. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Founder of True Body Intelligence

Christopher Maher, dealt with a lot of childhood trauma, but overcame it, and at the age twenty-two enrolled in Navy SEAL training. In his latter years as a SEAL, he was getting tighter, and closing in emotionally. Even though he had the exterior of an athlete, he was losing his vision, had to read lips, and was barely sleeping. A yoga mat and juicer, were the beginning of his healing journey.


Christopher spent years healing, learning, and training. He undertook a deep and prolonged journey to seek knowledge. He studied a multitude of wellbeing methods under a variety of thought leaders. He would practice on himself daily for hours on end, so that he could one day teach what he had learned and experienced.


Once he was ready, Christopher set off on a deep spiritual awakening, a 30-day dark-room meditation retreat in Thailand. The experience was literally a portal that took him into another dimension of reality and opened up a whole new perspective on life.


All this has led Christopher to develop a comprehensive system and techniques based on Eastern philosophy, of total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and integration. True Body Intelligence System, allows people to find love and peace through removing distortion in their body and becoming open again.


This is a powerful podcast that we can all do with listening to at this time in our history, because it will allow us to take a deep look at our actions and how we are showing up in life. Christopher shared a ton of valuable information and advice with us on; dealing with our shadows, breathing to de-stress, deep inner work, receptive mode vs protective mode, co-creation, energy transfer, how to practice self-love, and many other fascinating stories from his life.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Christopher Maher, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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Christopher’s Book: Free For Life

Christopher’s Online Program: 8 Stepping Stones to Inner Freedom

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Central Nervous System – CNS


Navy SEALs

Meditation – Five Senses

Dark Room Meditation, Thailand

DMT Experience

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Milton Hershey School, Pennsylvania

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