“Movies talk deeply to the psychology of what it means to be alive”


Award Winning Filmmaker. Screenwriter. Artist. Writer. Editor. Cinematographer. Hollywood Film Director of Hunter Killer. Dad. Creative Genius.


Life is such a beautiful thing when you begin to start noticing the little details. There are so many things which we just take for granted without even batting an eyelid. However, when you do tune in and become more aware of the minutiae, you open up a whole new unseen world.


Our guest this week, Donovan Marsh, is somebody who is totally aware of the necessity of details. He understands the emotions which can be conjured by using and manipulating the different human senses.

Donovan Marsh - Hunter Killer Film Director

Donovan was born in Swaziland, a small country within South Africa. He spent a lot of his childhood growing up in different countries around the world. During high school, he always wanted to be a psychiatrist, because he had a fascination with medicine and human behaviour. He enrolled in medical school, but soon realised that he wanted to go more down the creative path, after seeing the making of a film called ‘The Never Ending Story’!


He attended drama school in South Africa, for four years, where he almost had to teach himself how to make films. After that, he spent six months at a professional film school in London, where he learnt the real technicalities of filming. He returned to South Africa and got his first job in the industry, which was changing the large commercial pneumatic videotapes in the editing room.


His trajectory shifted as a result of visiting his parents in the UK, where he saw a show called Gladiators. When he went back to South Africa, he inquired about the rights to it, and next thing you know, at twenty-five years old, he found himself as the director of the show!


Donovan’s latest film is called, Hunter Killer. The research that went into the film was absolutely fascinating. Going to Pearl Harbor, the most nuclear and secure place in the world, was an eye-opening experience. Spending three days underwater, with the US Navy, on a highly secretive vessel, allowed him and producer, Gerard Butler, to create a true to life, action-packed Hollywood movie.


Donovan is a fascinating man to speak to and he encourages us to be a little bit crazy, as it’s important for our own creativity. He fuses the invisible lines between art, science, psychology, emotion and entertainment in this Podcast for us.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Donovan Marsh, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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Dead End

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Dollar$ + White Pipes

iNumber Number

Hunter Killer

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Swaziland / Eswatini

Pearl Harbor

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