Anna Sward - Founder of Protein Pow

Founder of Protein Pow. Best Selling Author. Business Woman. Philosophy PhD. Featured Writer. Columnist. Fitness Expert. Lifter. Mom. Smiler.


Our debut podcast! Episode 001 🙂


We could not be more chuffed and happy that we were able to speak to such a Ridiculously awesome Human, Anna Sward, the Founder of ProteinPow.


Being our first Podcast we were quite out of our comfort zone but Anna made us feel really comfortable before, during and after our conversation with her. For a lady who is so busy with all of her ventures, businesses and exciting upcoming projects she certainly put us at ease with her fun, collaborative and professional approach.


“Anna really understands humans”

Anna is a trailblazer in her own right and her achievements speak for themselves. Throughout her success she has managed to maintain all her humbleness and is everything being Ridiculously Human represents.


Anna really understands humans, she her PHD in Philosophy – in the field of Humanities & Humanistic Studies. She is a highly successful entrepreneur, the author of 3 cook books, a featured writer and columnist for and has written numerous articles for leading international magazines.


We traverse many subjects with her, often exploring some more than others. Throughout the conversation there are subtle lessons for us all.


In this podcast we chat about her childhood and find out how her passion for health and food was cultivated from such a young age.


She tells us about her love / hate relationship with fitness and the gym and talks passionately about her thoughts of women’s training pre and post baby.

We get to know a lot more about protein as a supplement and how we can make it more sustainable for the environment moving forward.


Her entrepreneurial spirit is alive the whole chat and we find out how her creativity still thrives and is etched in her daily life. She is an inspirational lady, mom and loving wife.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Anna Sward to be Ridiculously Human


Your fellow beings,
Craig and Gareth


Background, Context & Reference

Connect with Anna:


Anna’s Books: The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook
Workshops: Have fun with protein
Articles: Powledge

Other relevant points discussed and mentioned:

Language: Neurolinguistics
Girls training weights: Girls gone strong
Training before and after pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal
History of protein powder: Bodybuilding Nutrition
Can insects save the world: BBC Documentary
Supplement Brands: Optimum Nutrition and EAS

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