School of Calisthenics - David Jackson and Tim Stevenson

“As you keep getting better you keep moving the goal posts”


Calisthenics Experts. ex-Professional Sportsmen. Best Friends. Business Men. Elite Performance Coaches. Paralympic Specialist Coaches. Strength and Conditioning Experts.


This was one awesome, fun and super interesting chat with some seriously cool and genuinely good chinas, David (Jacko) and Tim


We were humbled by them agreeing to speak with us and give us a good portion of their time.


What we loved about them and their message is that they wholeheartedly believe that everyone is the same and whoever you are, you are able “Redefine your impossible”


Jacko is an ex-professional rugby player. He played for Nottingham Rugby club for 24 years. Unfortunately a serious head injury (one of many) ends his career as a pro-rugby player.

Tim also played rugby at a high level and his career ended due to one too many shoulder injuries. He is also a strength and conditioning coach for the British Paralympic Team but together they are the founders of the School of Calisthenics

School of Calisthenics - David Jackson and Tim Stevenson

We discuss their childhoods and upbringings, a lot about their injuries, how they end up meeting each other and ultimately how the School of Calisthenics begins.


It gets super fascinating when they explain how they train Paralympic athletes and the mindset of athletes with disabilities


These boys have great dynamics between themselves and they bring out the fun element in everything they do


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Jacko and Tim to be Ridiculously Human


Your fellow beings,
Craig and Gareth


Background, Context & Reference

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Other relevant points discussed and mentioned:

Hermanus, South Africa
Calisthenics means “Beautiful Strength”
Nottingham Rugby Club
David’s head injury forcing him to retire
One Athlete – Elite Sports Performance Coaching
Richard Whitehead – 200m victory
What is a muscle-up?
School of Calisthenics workshops
Concussion Film with Will Smith

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