Dr Espen Hjalmby - Ninja Warrior Australia and Founder of BonFire Hot Yoga

“What you believe, you’ll achieve”


Survivor. Believer. Extrovert and Enthusiast. Ninja Warrior. Entrepreneur. Good bloke and Yogi. Espen is the epitome of mind over matter. Today his story explains why.


When you hear people’s life stories like Dr Espen, you truly begin to understand what the power of belief can do. While in this day and age, belief systems and positive thinking are still tinkering on the esoteric side of things, they are core principles and philosophies which people are exploring more and more to understand how best to deal with the stresses of our fast paced, modern day life.


We were extremely privileged to have Dr Espen on the show and share his story. He was so honest and allowed us to go deep on some truly sad and tragic events which occurred so early on in his life.


He is a fine example of seeing opportunity in every situation.

Dr Espen Hjalmby - Ninja Warrior Australia and Founder of BonFire Hot Yoga

Born in the sleepy but beautiful town of Arendal in Norway, he now resides on the Gold Coast of Australia where he coaches, teaches and practises his trade.


Early family tragedies, being locked up in prison, breaking both legs and his back in a motorbike accident are events which shape the man we know today.


Dr Espen’s belief system is a foundation and pillar of his well-being and gives you a lot to think about when it comes to your own.


When you look between the lines, his spirit for life can only inspire you.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Dr Espen Hjalmby to be Ridiculously Human


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