Fei Wu - Podcaster. Marketing Consultant.

“A tribe leader gathers a group and ensures the culture is good and fits even when people come and go”


Podcast Host. Chinese. Go-Getter. Digital Marketer. Taekwondo Black Belt. Zumba Dancer. Project Manager. People Connector. Smiler. Entrepreneur. Mastermind Host.


Being part of a tribe is important and it is human nature to seek out tribes. Tribes can be ethnic, political, religious, musical, you name it. We feel comfortable, safe and supported when we are with our tribe. Thanks to technology we can find and connect with our tribes much easier these days.


Our guest this week, Fei Wu, was part of a big tribe…China, before she embarked on her journey at 17 years old. She left home on an International High School Program to the United States. Armed with her $3,000, she put on her brave boots and set off for pastures new.

Fei Wu - Podcaster. Marketing Consultant.

Fei was born in Beijing, China, her mom a renowned artist and her father a military man. Growing up on a military base, as well as having access to the Forbidden City, meant that she lived a colourful and interesting childhood.


Fei’s life in the US flourished and her knack and natural way of connecting with people and creating tribes didn’t take long to begin. However, she found the most difficult part was how to be Chinese in America and how to integrate as seamlessly as possible into a new culture.


Fei used her intelligence to easily ace a Computer Science and Mathematics degree and began her climb up the corporate ladder. She knew that it was never going to be a lifetime commitment. She also knew at 26 years old, that she had to wait 5 years, before she could get her green card, so that she could venture off and be her own lady boss.


These days, Fei now resides in Boston, working as a digital marketing freelancer and project manager. She is also the host of FeisWorld Podcast, where she celebrates the stories of unsung heroes and self-made artists. As an immigrant living in the US, she feels a sense of pride being Chinese and feels more connected to her roots than ever before.


Fei is an inspiring young lady whose passion for life is infectious. We cover many interesting topics in this conversation such as; Chinese academic pressures, being seventeen in a new country, differences in schooling systems, how to run a mastermind group, business in China, entrepreneurial challenges and Fei’s upcoming documentary.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Fei Wu, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings

Craig and Gareth


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