“If you live in an environment where you can’t say what you really think, or do what you say, you can also not have integrity”


Podcast and Radio Host. Curiosity Seeker. Ex-Idols Judge. Master Debater. Conversation Starter. Tightrope Walker. History Aficionado. Chemistry Geek. Founder of Cliff Central.


In a world where we are generally free to express our thoughts and minds, why is it that so many of us fear for speaking out? Is it because finding a safe environment in our online and anonymous world, is difficult with so many strong and conflicting opinions?


Our guest this week, Gareth Cliff, has never been one to shy away from saying what he thinks. If anyone is walking a tightrope when it comes to creating discussions around sometimes taboo, but mostly important topics, it is him. Generally, he can debate himself out of any straw-man argument and steelman his way through other tough conversations.

Gareth Cliff - Podcast and Radio Host, Curiosity Seeker, Ex-Idols Judge, Master Debater, Founder of Cliff Central

Gareth was always a curious kid, who would try and read up and find out as much as he could about many subjects. His school trips as a teenager were spent listening to the radio when his Mom would drive him and his siblings to school. Little did he know at the time as to what sort of subconscious programming that was doing to him and that most of his career would be spent as a radio and podcast host.


In February 1998, Gareth and his friend, John Kuhn, Launched GAL (Get a Life). It was the first-ever student portal and website exclusively aimed at the South African student community. John, sadly died, and the first tech bubble burst, before they could really turn GAL into the monster they had envisioned together. This was pre-dating Facebook, so it had the potential to change the world…


At 23 years old, Gareth became the youngest commercial radio morning show host in South African history. For 10 years, he also hosted the biggest commercial morning show in 5FM history, and one of two of the biggest radio morning shows in terms of revenue and ratings in South Africa at the time.


People in the world like Gareth, are important because they put their neck on the line to talk about certain topics where others would never venture. He opens up the dialogue and is happy to see where it goes.


His whole life he has been interested in researching many things. He has a deep fascination for history which helps him put life into perspective. Some might think it’s slightly mad, but we think it’s super cool that he has his own chemistry laboratory in his house where he can play for days and days, experimenting with different concoctions from all the elements he has available!


In 2014, he launched CliffCentral.com, an online radio station. The stream is uncensored, unscripted and unradio. He hosts a show every single morning together with many other Podcasts too.


Gareth, as Rich Mulholland puts it, “Knows a lot of sh*t, about a lot of sh*t!” It’s impossible to be bored with this man in the room. Our conversation was rich and engaging and it was an absolute honour and privilege to have him on our Podcast.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Gareth Cliff, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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