“The discipline of exercise in itself, is the challenge that we should all be taking on”


Business Woman. Yogi. Socialpreneur. Mom. Smiler. Multi-Business Founder. Creative Gallant. Naysayer Crusher. Fitness Enthusiast. Co-Founder Anytime Fitness Australia.


To be or not to be…there are many ways in business to be, and many ways not to be. To be successful you can choose to be hard-nosed, aggressive, stubborn, and controlling, or on the other hand, humble, open, vulnerable, empathetic and human-centric. The latter is going to help you build a longer-lasting business empire and customers who care more.


Jacinta McDonell, grew up in Sydney, Australia. She was born into a family of fitness, health and entrepreneurship! Exercise and business have paved the way for the rest of her life’s journey.

Jacinta McDonell, co-founder of Anytime Fitness Australia, Founder of The Human Kind Project and W1ll Yoga and Meditation Studio

Jacinta was not the academic type in school, but she did have a flare, love and passion for the creative subjects. After school finished, all she wanted to do was go out and get into the workforce. Some might think that business and family don’t go together, but Jacinta will proudly convince you otherwise. When she was 18, she opened a gym with her brother and Mom.


In 2007, her brother gave her an article in a magazine to read about gyms in America, that were open for 24-hours. That single article, piqued her interest and then the next day, her and Justin, were on the phone to Snap and Anytime Fitness in America, expressing their interest and wondering if they could buy the franchise for Australia.


They had to deal with the naysayers, and people who told them that 24-hour gyms would never work in Australia. Over 500 clubs later and being inducted into the Fitness Industry Roll of Honour, we’ll let you decide who is smiling now 🙂


Everything comes with it’s consequences though, and 3 years into their business the stress started taking toll, and her doctor said she should do something about it. That’s when she got involved with Yoga, and ever since, she has fallen in love with it and has her own solo practise which she does routinely.


In 2014, while she was going through a separation and when her youngest child was only six months old, something was ignited in her while she was at a Business Chick’s event.


So off she went to Malawi and turned her entrepreneurial passion towards ventures that aim to change the way businesses view ‘Giving’ and ‘Social Responsibility’. A strong advocate of using ‘business for good’ – Jacinta established The Human Kind Project in 2015. A not-for-profit foundation that funds life-changing projects in Africa and India.


Jacinta is certainly an incredible lady, she is a Mom to three young kids, and the inspiration to many other ladies and business women. Some of her secrets to success are; being super disciplined with your routines, limiting or not consuming irrelevant and distracting information, being 100% genuine and taking on difficult conversations, doing things for your overall health and wellness even if you don’t love doing them every time, and remaining true to who you are and what values you live by.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Jacinta McDonell, to be Ridiculously Human.


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