“As we start moving into the future, adaptability becomes a superpower, and linear thinking becomes suicide”


Speaker. Trend Specialist. Business Strategist. Futurist. Educator. Elegant New Age Human. Curiosity Creator. Abundance Seeker. Storyteller. Author of FOREsight.


The future we are moving into is super exciting, right? It’s also super complex and daunting. Anything that is unknown is going to carry an element of fear and angst. However, this era that we are part of and the future we are edging towards, seem to have something extra special about it. Perspective is everything and you can choose how you want to approach and feel about the future.


Each of us is a superhuman in our own right and we possess unique and brilliant qualities. These qualities are more than just small talk at parties. They are gifts that energise, excite and define us. Once we understand how they work, and develop our ability to use them and share them with others, we can redefine our own perspective and connect the invisible dots between possible and real. However, your ‘adaptability quotient’ is going to be the difference between you and others in terms of how your future pans out.


Our guest this week, John Sanei, is a man who lives on the far right end of the spectrum when it comes to optimism and excitement. His abundance of energy and light will fill up any room he walks into, and overflow into the rooms and buildings nearby too.

John Sanei - Speaker. Trend Specialist. Business Strategist. Futurist. Educator. Elegant New Age Human. Curiosity Creator. Abundance Seeker. Storyteller. Author of FOREsight.

Seeing the evolution of John as a person and human is incredible and makes us feel extremely proud. His forward-thinking talent and advancement in his personal brand, are a testament to him being in tune with the intention and message he is spreading around the world.


John returns to us on the Podcast for the second time, to discuss his latest book, FOREsight. It’s always a privilege to speak to an author about their book and go that layer deeper into what they have written, because there is always so much more detail to explore.


The way he articulates and disseminates complex ideas and makes them simple to understand is an art and skill within itself. One might say, it is rather elegant. FOREsight, is already a bestseller in South Africa, in the first week of launching which is quite an incredible feat.


FOREsight is a collection of 20 scenarios that combine human psychology and futurism to help you connect the invisible dots between the reality we perceive and the abundant, optimistic future we can create. The book teaches us how you can thrive in a fast-changing world in which we are torn between the rigid rules of industrial society and the flexible creativity that the future demands.


It’s time to awaken curiosity, cultivate wisdom and discover the abundant future. This conversation is a mix of a history lesson, science, spirituality and life coaching. Think a combination of Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Dalai Lama and Tony Robbins.


We discuss meditation, 5G and Internet Protocol 6, BIOtech and CRISPR, unlearning, autonomous vehicles, communication, gold recycling, disruption to businesses, dealing with your past, doing business elegantly, why AQ beats IQ and EQ, and many other topics around human behaviour, psychology and our abundant future.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for John Sanei, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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