John Sanei - Keynote Speaker and Author of What's Your Moonshot? Magnetiise and Foresight

“Are you a cub or a Lion. Cubs are impatient, Lions are elegant”


Storyteller. Trenovator. Forever optimist. Lank good bloke. Moonshot chaser. Persian African. The world’s one and only, John Sanei. You just have to listen to this!!


John Sanei – what a top man! He is going to inspire and get you motivated through his storytelling and his passion and zest for life


From rags to riches, to nothing and back up to riches. His true purpose in life is now in full flight but it’s how he got there which is fascinating, eye-opening, jaw dropping and intriguing to understand


The great thing about John and his story is that nothing needs to be made up, nothing is smoke and mirrors, nothing is sensationalised. He tells it as it is, no holds barred and it totally lifts you up!


It was such a huge privilege for us to get such a big chunk of John’s time and for him even agreeing to speak with us especially considering a couple of weeks before he was meeting people like Carl Fussman and Larry King

John Sanei - Keynote Speaker and Author of What's Your Moonshot? Magnetiise and Foresight

Born in Swaziland to his Persian parents, it was an early divorce and being financially challenged as a family which cultivate the type of younger man he becomes.


His teenage years and early adulthood are experiential and at times shifty but serve him many valuable lessons early on.


In the Podcast we hear how a young personal trainer is able to afford a lavish lifestyle and what it’s like to run the most successful restaurant chain at that time in South Africa. What it’s like to have so much money you don’t know how to spend it and then also having no money at all and not being able to afford a cup of coffee or even toiletries


Besides his many achievements and accolades, these days you can mainly find him in his ‘happy place’ on stage speaking to people and organisations around the world. Providing them insight into what the future holds and why we need to be ready for it and get extremely excited about it too!


There are so many tools, lessons, anecdotes and ‘between the lines’ sort of stuff in this conversation that are going to get you pumped and invigorated for life.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for John Sanei to be Ridiculously Human


Your fellow beings
Craig and Gareth


Background, Context & Reference

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John Sanei’s Book: What’s your moonshot?

Other relevant points discussed and mentioned:

Books mentioned: Breaking the habit of being yourself – Dr Joe Dispenzer
Books mentioned: Physics of the Future – Michio Kaku
Movies mentioned: The Secret
Documentaries mentioned: Chasing Great – Richie McCaw

Primi Restaurants – South Africa
Shellys Shoes – London
Madonna Whore Complex or Syndrome
Farsi – Persian Language
Ayahuasca or Teacher Plant
Conscious Capitalism
Mature Masculine
Quantum computing and Quantum Curves
1QBit – Quantum Computing
Ambient Intelligence
Technological Socialism
Feminine consciousness

People Discussed:

Dr Joe Dispenzer
Gary Bennett – Ex – Mr South Africa
Rumi – Poet – “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour”
Roald Dhal – “Those who don’t believe in magic, never find it”
Dr Wayne Dyer
Kirsten Molyneaux – South African writer who helped with John’s book
Michio Kaku
Peter Diamandis
Ray Kurzweil
Carl Fussman
Larry King
David Roberts
Elon Musk
Gary Vaynerchuk
Jack Ma – AI Vs Machine Learning Vs Data Science

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The Bambuseae Rhythm Section – Check them out here


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