“It’s easy in the modern world for nothing to matter. You need to attach real value to the journey that you’re taking someone on”


NRL Performance Coach. Author. Mentor. Student. Teacher. Personal Growth Extraordinaire. Dad. Budding Farmer. Nature Lover. Founder of RealMOVEMENTProject.


These days we are under more stress than ever, as a result of working longer hours, spending less time in nature, not eating correctly, not enjoying deep relationships and sleeping less. This concoction results in disease, inefficiency and underperformance.


Keegan Smith, is a man who has had his fair share of ups and downs, of trails and tribulations. Everything which has happened to him in his life, up until now, he uses in his teachings of personal development.

Keegan Smith - Performance Coach

Keegan, it would be fair to say, is your rugged Aussie type of bloke. Strong willed, well travelled, positive thinker and glass-half-full type of guy! He was born in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, into a sporting family of Rugby League players and coaches. He grew up with an enhanced competitive spirit.


After University, Keegan headed to Central and South America to find out more about this thing called life. His experiences really helped shape him into the fine man, teacher and coach who he is today. He volunteered all over and worked actively for organisations to make changes in rural Mexico.


Keegan grew up with digestive issues. It was when he was in Central America, that chronic fatigue hit him. His own life wasn’t his priority in his early 20s because he was focused on helping other people. He attempted being vegetarian and went through many other experiences, that ended up making his health deteriorate too.


Stints working as a professional performance coach for rugby league teams around the world, topped up his knowledge tank and broadened his worldviews.


Back in Australia, he has intentionally put himself back in nature to get in balance and in line with what it means for him to be a human. He lives on a farm with his wife, kids and 35 animals! It’s allowed them to re-connect with their more primal ways.


Keegan has also set-up his business called, RealMOVEMENTProject, targeted at 20-40 year-old males. Helping to nourish your body and mindset, using nature and using gymnastics and weights to build mobility and strength.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Keegan Smith, to be Ridiculously Human.


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