Superhumanship#12 - Community and Mortality - For New Age Micro-Leaders and Micro-Influencers

Superhumanship, is a bonus podcast series which we run, that is all geared towards authentic leadership. Each week we try to disseminate the wisdom shared by our guests and provide our two cents too.


We believe that in this day and age, we are all leaders and all people of influence. New age leadership, is upon us. So therefore, we need to adapt and all realise we have this amazing opportunity to contribute to this shift in micro-leadership and micro-influence.


This week we spoke about…


Family / Childhood

  • The freedom of growing up outdoors
  • Divorce impacting family structure


People / Community

  • Having intuitive teachers
  • A good pep-talk is great
  • Being someone who helps other people out
  • The fun and learnings of school sports tours
  • The importance of reminiscing



  • Finding a community which has a sense of togetherness
  • People stepping in to help during tough times
  • Theology and the true meaning of the Greek and Hebrew ‘translations’ of the bible
  • Why to question everything in life
  • Spineless church elders
  • Becoming the anti-christ
  • What is true friendship



  • Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (TTP)
  • Government hospitals in South Africa
  • Privilege of having access to good healthcare
  • Being on your death bed
  • Remaining positive in hospital
  • Forward journaling
  • Death, puts things into perspective
  • Support networks during tough times
  • Listening to your body and acting early
  • Mental and physical healing takes time


Transitions / Life Changes

  • Being patriotic
  • Mindset shifts as you get older
  • Transitioning to a new country
  • Learning new languages and adjusting to new cultures
  • Making compromises when meeting the right person


Business / Hobbies

  • Working in a family business
  • Taking responsibility for your actions in life
  • Learning new skills as an adult
  • Entertaining people by playing music
  • Stop doing things when you stop enjoying them


Personal Development / Learning

  • Re-programming your mind
  • Asking people how they are doing
  • Having a sense of humour goes a long way

Music By

The Bambuseae Rhythm Section – Check them out here

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