Superhumanship#15 - Networks and Humility - For New Age Micro-Leaders and Micro-Influencers

Superhumanship, is a bonus podcast series which we run, that is all geared towards authentic leadership. Each week we try to disseminate the wisdom shared by our guests and provide our two cents too.


We believe that in this day and age, we are all leaders and all people of influence. New age leadership, is upon us. So therefore, we need to adapt and all realise we have this amazing opportunity to contribute to this shift in micro-leadership and micro-influence.


This week we spoke about…



  • The Civil Rights Movement. Have we moved on enough since that all took place?
  • How the place you grew up has influenced you as a person
  • Ripples of good actions reach further than you can imagine
  • Be wary of gossip, it only creates negativity in the long run
  • What do we miss out on when our folks die early?
  • Adding value where you can in life
  • Learning lessons from others
  • A learning mindset changes the way you listen


Life Lessons:

  • “If I knew then what I know now” – we can’t live that way
  • Joining the Military provides structure and discipline
  • Planning for what you want
  • Putting yourself out there to go and meet a potential partner



  • Podcasting can transform your life
  • Podcast to leverage your business
  • Speaking to experts for personal and professional growth


Starting a business:

  • Procrastination is your enemy
  • Getting too caught up in the details before launching
  • Imposter syndrome and self sabotaging thoughts
  • Validating your idea
  • Align with people that compliment your skills
  • Identifying your skillsets
  • Reaching out to your network
  • Asking for help
  • Action brings clarity
  • The best teacher is doing!
  • Putting in the effort to find out what you like by listening to Podcasts, reading books, going on courses
  • Creating on a shoe-string budget
  • You are never too old to start


Networks / Community:

  • Building networks by putting on events
  • When creating a community, make it about the people in the community. Not about yourself!
  • How to grow a solid network
  • Delaying gratification for the benefit of growth
  • Creating rapport is usually reciprocated down the track


Moving Forward:

  • Timing is everything in life
  • Being honest with yourself and learning from your mistakes
  • Documenting your families stories
  • Being humble is a super power
  • Give more than you receive

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