“Hopefully we can all show up in what I believe is our true nature of being curious and open minded. Be willing to be wrong, willing to learn, and willing to consider someone else’s perspective.”


Writer. Speaker. Dance Performer. Empowered Phoenix. Entrepreneur. Independent and Community Learning Advocate. Artful Ager. Silver Fox. Host of Super Power U Podcast.


It’s not until you leave school that you actually realise how freakin’ awesome it is. It’s also not something to be taken for granted. There are children in the world who never get to experience the luxury of education, and would do absolutely anything to be able to afford a school uniform so that they are allowed to attend school.


Our Podcast guest this week, Lisa Betts-LaCroix, is a huge advocate for empowered living and independent and community based learning.

Lisa Betts-LaCroix - Speaker, Dance Performer, Artful Ager, and Host of Super Power U Podcast

Lisa was born in Canada, and grew up into a highly community-orientated and performance-oriented family. She identifies as mixed race, having a rather eclectic heritage of Japanese and French Canadian ancestors.


Lisa was a theatrical girl, and remembers going to the theatre school with her dad and a deposit cheque in her hand ready to join. Her fear and limiting beliefs forced her to tear up the cheque and drive off….The irony is that she left traditional university two years later to go back to become an actor!


Acting is a very challenging world which she took on as a martial arts act, dealing with the challenge of how to stay your centred self with all the blows. She moved to the US in 1995 for pilot season in Los Angeles and was expecting to hate it, but fell in love with California. Lisa enjoyed a successful acting career, appearing in many well known shows.


After having her first child, quitting acting, and joining her husband’s tech business, they were destined for San Francisco…which she really didn’t want to do. However, she did convince him to sell everything, move into a big RV, and head off on the road.


After a few twists and turns in her own career she eventually focused her energy on building communities that support parents and families with high ability, divergent thinking kids, who didn’t fit into the brick and mortar school model. Her newfound passion evolved over the years and she ended up co-founding a large network of 400+ families, educating kids in the SF Bay area.


In 2014, she experienced a serendipitous moment while walking past a ballroom dance studio, and peeking in to see a bunch of Latin teenagers who were dancing away. Eight months later, she plucked up the courage to attend her first class. A year later, at 50 years old, she decided to compete and earned herself a title of World Champion Pro-Am American Rhythm Ballroom dancer!


This is a lady embracing everything life has to throw at her, and she is not afraid to stand up and face it head-on, by constantly re-inventing herself and her career. She has dealt with the hiccups confidently and gracefully, including growing out her naturally stunning grey locks and wearing them with pride and a beautiful smile.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Lisa Betts-LaCroix, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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