“I’m a big believer, that if you live in alignment with your beliefs, your words, and your actions, then that’s when you have the best opportunities”


Author. TEDx Speaker. Executive Business Coach. Mindset Shifter. altMBA Alumni. New Age Leader. Dad. Loving Husband. Peloton Pilot. Bad Day Slayer. Flawesome Human.


So many of us in life are stuck in jobs that we don’t enjoy, we are in relationships that are not providing us with what we want, and are generally feeling uninspired by life. Yet, we fail to do anything about it and feel trapped. Fortunately, there are people on this planet who can help us make those changes without waiting for something bad to happen.


Michael O’Brien, at the age of 33, was out on the road enjoying a cycle in New Mexico, when his life would change forever. He was hit head-on by an SUV, that was travelling at 40mph. He remembers every bit of it and while lying on the asphalt all torn and broken up, he vowed to himself that things would need to change.

Michael O’Brien - Author, TEDx Speaker, Executive and Leadership Coach, CEO of Peloton Coaching and Consulting

Michael, joins us for his second time on the Podcast to discuss what he has been up to since we last spoke and also to speak about his latest book called, My Last Bad Day Shift. In this conversation, we traverse across life and business advice, which Michael (OB) has garnered from his personal experience and the many people he has taught and coached over the years.


One of the overarching themes of the chat is around the importance of good communication. Do you discuss different phases of your life and what your expectations are with your partner? Do you say “No” enough?


You may have heard the words, empathy, compassion, caring, kindness, being bandied around in the last few years. The good news is they are now creeping into the workplace and we are seeing a surge in new age masculinity, female mentorship, diversity, and equal pay. However, we still need men to lean in more and be comfortable with accepting different definitions of what it means to be a man. OB, practises this daily.


From his latest book, we dive into a really important discussion around:


  • How ‘bad days’ can hijack us and lead us down a slippery slope if we are not careful
  • Limiting beliefs – while they are there to protect us, we must not let them control us.
  • Energy Management and doing things that keep us in alignment with our spiritually, mental health, wellness, relationships and finances.
  • Changing how we work and why it’s essential to give yourself time each day to think.
  • The necessity of recovery, and not feeling guilty about it. What makes us fast, is recovery.
  • Improving your financial knowledge and understanding why money is important to you.
  • Having daily routines will help you prosper. Especially in the morning and evening.
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people who challenge you, who think abundantly, who help when you are down, who have a different point of view, and who are practically optimistic.


Seeing the evolution of OB as a person and human is incredible and makes us feel extremely proud. The growth of his personal brand, and the message he is sharing and spreading, are a testament to the change and impact he wants to have on this world. In a time of what sometimes seems like a crisis, we need more and more people to step up to the plate and lead with integrity. OB is the man for that.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Michael O’Brien, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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Michael’s book: My Last Bad Day Shift (Use coupon code: SHIFT for 25% off shipping and handling. The book is free!!)

Michael’s book: Shift – Creating Better Tomorrows. Winning at Work and in Life

Michael’s Coaching AcademyThe Pace Line Leadership Academy

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Lewis Howes Mastermind – Greatness Mastermind

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