“The energy you’re putting out there, will determine what kind of reactions you attract to yourself”


Martial Artist. Movement Expert. UFC Fighter. Hemp Specialist. Sacred Geometry Artist. Father. Life Long Learner. Teacher. Founder of Raised Spirit.


Being out in nature is one of the most energetic and soothing experiences a human can have. However, many of us are so blasé about our surroundings and never get to truly feel the many health benefits it provides. So in this modern day and age, most of us have lost our deeply rooted connection to nature.


Our guest this week, Nick Osipczak, has a huge amount of knowledge about the benefits of nature which stemmed from his curiosity with art and ultimately sacred geometry.

Nick Osipczak - Martial Artist, Movement Expert, UFC Fighter, Hemp Specialist, Founder of Raised Spirit

Nick was born and raised in South London. A place he does not associate much with these days. At school he tried to get away with doing as little as possible, which is why he took art as one of his subjects. He found that he actually enjoyed it, especially when he used to draw faces. He would draw them almost mathematically, without being aware of it.


His mathematical mind served him well in school, when he became interested and obsessed with gambling. Spending six hours a day gambling with his mates played into his ability with numbers, statistics, and analysing situations.


In University, he turned his attention to martial arts. Nick’s progression through the ranks was rather quick. Each week he’d take his progress, extrapolate it, align it with his vision and the results kept coming. Nick went on to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) between the ages of 24-26. Being a professional fighter taught him many valuable lessons in life, which have now weaved their way into how he operates as a kind and caring human, a teacher, as well as a businessman and father.


Upon leaving the UFC, he embarked on a journey to learn and master the internal arts, or more specifically, Tai-Chi Ch’uan. This spiritual martial art focuses heavily on mind, body and soul, and is one of the most demanding arts in the world which requires pure dedication from it’s students.


In November 2017, Nick began selling his own range of organic CBD, and has gradually increased the amount of hemp-based health products on offer. He believes that hemp will play a critical role moving forward, and in improving the way we interact with our planet.


His gift is being able to see the best in people, and helping them fulfil their potential. He believes this must begin with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in order for us to have the necessary energy required to live the lives we deserve. We are much more powerful when our primary motivations are to serve others. He emphasises the co-dependent relationship between the mind, body and spirit, by combining ancient oriental wisdom with modern science and research.


His philosophy is…

  • The Body must be open, strong, balanced, coordinated, flexible, and connected
  • The Mind must be able to concentrate, focus, relax, project, connect and open
  • The Spirit will expand as you begin to know yourself on a deeper level of consciousness
  • The Breath must be cultivated diligently, as this is what links the body, mind and Spirit together


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Nick Osipczak, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


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