Robert Bowden

“The pursuit to perfection is not the problem, it is the fact that we assume we know what perfect is”


Chocolatier. Gay. Cowboy. Professional Horse Trainer. Theatrical Aficionado. Farm Boy. Cornbread Lover. Napper. Brogi. Traveller. Founder of Vivere Chocolates


Everything which happens between life and death is what you make of it, some of it by choice and some of it by destiny. Many times during your life, events will not make much sense at the time. However, those moments will re-visit you, later on, to remind you why they happened.


Robert Bowden, is a man who understands this all too well. He learnt many lessons and skills while growing up on a farm and learning from his grandparents, his surrounding environment and his freedom to explore.

Robert Bowden - Chocolatier

Robert was born in Duncanville, Alabama, the deep south of the U.S. On paper, you would say that he had his deck of cards stacked against him by being a theatrical, black, gay, farm boy. However, that is something which never crossed his mind while growing up.


His Grandmother had three large fields, which she called her gardens, and they provided enough food to feed the four immediate households. Robert started raising chickens at the age of 5 and selling eggs became his first business. By the time he was 8 years old, he had well over 200 chickens and had names for them all too! Selling the eggs for 75 cents a dozen, made him a fairly affluent 8 year old 🙂


Robert was a rough and tumble kid, who loved to ride horses and sing at the top of his lungs. At age 12, he realised that he liked boys. In College, he decided it was time to tell his folks. It was a real non-event, as the response was pretty much “Is this supposed to be news son?!” So Robert just skipped off and went back to feeding his horses.


A successful career which spanned 20 years of being a professional horse trainer, came to a bit of an abrupt end, when circumstances in the horse training industry made it implausible for him to continue, even though it was something he loved.


These days, Robert is the Founder of Vivere Chocolates, which produce finely crafted, handmade chocolate delights. He wears other hats too, which involve protecting the cocoa bean industry, as well being an empathetic ear for LGBTQ farmers in developing countries, that often get overlooked.


This is a beautiful, fun and inspiring Podcast chat. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Robert Bowden, to be Ridiculously Human.


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