Rosie Millen - Nutritionist and Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

“We are all walking time bombs for burnout, more and more. We live in an overworked and overwhelmed society. We are filled with micro pressures from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed”


Founder of Miss Nutritionist. Entrepreneur. Public Speaker. Adrenal Fatigue Vanquisher. Pianist. Lady Leader. English Rose. Twin. Positivity Spreader.


Stress is a serious affliction these days. Was it something which our ancestors and previous generations suffered from so much too? Lo and behold, due to its prevalence, the constant accumulation of stress is actually a coined term ‘Allostatic load’. It is “the wear and tear on the body” that accumulates as an individual is exposed to repeated or chronic stress.


Some of us show stress easily, but others hide it really easily too!


Our Podcast guest this week, Rosie Millen, grew up in the idyllic Oxfordshire countryside, with rolling green pastures and free roaming farm animals. Rosie, is an identical twin and has an older brother and sister too. There were a lot of magical moments for them while growing up, with a peter pan like tree-house in their back garden, where they would spend endless hours playing with their friends.

She was always destined for success and had many accolades while growing up. Rosie is a Grade 8 Violinist and a Grade 6 Pianist. She toured the world playing for an orchestra and also excelled as a gymnast. Rosie and her twin, Susie, leveraged their genetics as youngsters and modelled for a living. It was the modelling which sparked, Rosie’s interest in nutrition.


Four years after qualifying and working incessantly as an entrepreneur and nutritionist, her world came crashing down. She collapsed while walking in a London park. Fortunately she managed to get a taxi home, went straight to bed and literally stayed there for 3 years….


After being misdiagnosed with depression, she researched for herself and got further opinions to find out that, what she actually had, was adrenal fatigue. There were moments in those 3 years when times were really tough and Rosie contemplated if it was all worth carrying on for.


Rosie is a very charming, bubbly and charismatic young lady. These days, she personally coaches 1,000’s of women and men on how to increase their energy levels. She is also very active on the public speaking circuit and thrives while giving talks at large corporate institutions spreading her advice and positivity.


Let’s find out – what it means for Rosie Millen, to be Ridiculously Human.


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