Shaun Fuchs

“Understand what your purpose is and keep having fun. The moment you stop having fun, is the time you need to stop doing what you’re doing”


Educationalist. Orator. Eternal Optimist. Mentor. Powerlifter. Entrepreneur. Coach. Man of the People. World Traveller. Mr Fuchs is one of life’s great humans.


It goes without saying that the role and responsibility of a teacher, of any sorts, is of great importance. Yet, it’s an unfortunate circumstance of being a school teacher, that in most cases, you will most likely never end up seeing what your ‘finished product’ is.


One of the reasons that we started the podcast, is that we recognise that human relationships are one of the most important things to us personally. Our guest on this week’s show, Shaun Fuchs, is a long-time friend and past school teacher of Gareth’s.


Shaun is not your average human and he does not fit into any stereotype whatsoever. He has certainly had a very colourful life, full of adventure, controversy, learning and success. His honesty, openness and stories are what makes this chat so intriguing. You’ll laugh, cringe, and be in disbelief. More importantly, you’ll be educated and inspired.


He grew up on a smallholding in North Riding, Johannesburg, and speaks fondly of growing up with his parents and three siblings. From a young age, he cultivated the skills of negotiation. While his older brother would bring him along as back-up for fisty cuffs, he would often find a way to discuss and negotiate their way out of fights.

After his tertiary studies at WITS University, he attended the army in South Africa to complete his compulsory conscription service. It was there that his passion for powerlifting emerged, where he attained his provincial colours as well as losing two of his fingers…!!


Shaun grew up in the South Africa, in an era when apartheid was still widespread and prevalent. His parents and his friends parents, were people who fought in World War II. Those conversations and times were one of the reasons he took such a keen interest in history and politics.


Together with his husband, Gordon, they started their first business together, a school tour travel company. It has allowed them to show the world to 1,000‘s of young students as well as providing themselves with the opportunity to explore the world too.


In his spare time, Shaun loves to escape to his humble abode in Pringle Bay, with Gordon and their dogs. Long walks on the beach, cooking great food, being with close friends, having good conversations and a nice big glass of red wine are where and how he finds his solace.


It’s beautiful to hear what a positive and profound impact he has had on so many people’s lives.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Shaun Fuchs, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings

Craig and Gareth


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