This is a short xmas episode to first and foremost say a massive thank you for being part of our journey this year.


Huge thanks to all of you, who listen to our Podcast. We really couldn’t do this without your support. Also a monster thanks to our guests, without you this show would not exist. We learn so much from each and every guest.


Also thanks to our Virtual Assistants, Camila and Petar. You guys are an integral and special part of The Ridiculously Human Podcast


In this Podcast we talk a bit about what we want to add to our:


Daily routines in 2019, will include:

– More journaling

– Juggling

– Affirmations


We reflect on 2018:
– It’s our first full calendar year of Podcasting.
– We discuss the importance of experimentation. Specifically our intros and trying to make them sound more natural. It’s certainly an art to read and sound natural.
– The words and phrases we notice that we say too much of – ‘Like’, ‘And’, ‘You know’ are just to name a few!
– Meeting up in 2018
– Giving our first presentation


Next Year – 2019 Plans:
– Clarifying our message and why you would you listen to our Podcast
– Bringing you much more value, in various ways
– Adding weekly 5 minute summary episodes
– Introducing bonus episodes
– Doing more presentations and talking around the world
– Meeting up in person again


2019 Personal Growth – Principles and values we plan to live more by:
– Discipline
– Clarity
– Fun
– Curiosity

– Spreading more:
– Love
– Generosity
– Compassion


We have an overarching theme of doing things slowly, being patient, treat each situation like you are starting to walk again


– To be more of service to others
– Don’t let angry or negative thoughts hang around for too long
– Create and build more partnerships and deeper friendships
– Go back basics in terms of everything we do


Festive Greetings,

Gareth and Craig


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The Bambuseae Rhythm Section – Check them out here

Simon Van Gend Band – Check them out here

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We know this is always a big one to ask and you hear it a million times but anything you can do to help us get our podcast out there into the ether will be massively appreciated!


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