Coaching helped me explore my past and uncover experiences, strengths and talents I had forgotten about.



I have been trying to plan the second half of my life for some time. I had read all the books, found the motivational websites, and thought I had the situation cased, but nothing was happening. I tried doing various things and setting targets, still nothing.

Then I discovered coaching.

In my case an Executive and Lifestyle Coach. Gareth Martin runs a Future Proof Coaching course on line. I was tremendously lucky to take part in the twelve week programme.

The important thing Future Proof Coaching provided me with is a structured way of thinking and planning. Like all coaching it starts with an assessment of where you are now and where you would like to be in five, ten, or fifteen years from now.

Once this has been dealt with the structure kicks in. Using scenario planning Future Proof Coaching helped me see what the outcome of certain actions and decisions I make will be on how my future pans out. The opportunities and threats there are and how to deal with them.

Moving on from there the course introduces the Goal Setting Canvas. This is a simple tool that explores what your goals are and what the benefit of achieving the goals are. The old question’ Why’.

The Future Proof Coaching course looks at what skills and knowledge are required to achieve the goals, people to work with, obstacles in your way and finally a plan of action, the structure takes form. Coupled with this is a daily planner designed to facilitate time management.

The Future Proof Coaching course also helped me explore my past and uncover experiences, strengths and talents I had forgotten about.

The result is now I am getting things done. Suddenly there are little gaps of time in the day that were wasted before and now get used. There is a sense of achievement that wasn’t there before.

The Future Proof Coaching course deals with taking responsibility, ethics and catering for differences, and planning for the road ahead when the course comes to an end.

The final session is on Flipping Ideas. Turning negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones, leaving the baggage behind us and looking forward.

The Future Proof Coaching course structure has made planning a rewarding exercise, what were just good ideas and perhaps even dreams have become a reality now.

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to plan their future in a structured way and derive a great deal of benefit from the process.



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