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Gareth Martin - Men's Coach

The Ridiculously Human Podcast

None of us were put on this planet to be a watered down version of ourselves.

In a world where it can seem that people are anti-human and wanting to become cyborg transhumans, this podcast is here to let you know that it’s perfectly ok to be a cool, fun-loving, caring and kind HUMAN!

My desire, through the art of storytelling and story listening, is to share a captivating narrative that traverses everything it means to be human. Not just any human…Ridiculously Human!

Learning is a gift handed to all of us, and by being curious of what makes other people tick and tock, we are able to discover our own truths and realise and connect with the values we align with.

This Podcast is yours, just as much as it is mine. It’s ours actually, and we can use it to help us navigate and try to better understand this thing called life.

Authenticity, Integrity, Trust, Fun, Curiosity, Fortitude, Honesty and Positivity, are values I live my life by, and through these long form conversations, I sincerely hope that trickles down in what you hear and feel.

Being human, and a visitor on Mother Earth, is a huge privilege only given to a few….So let’s take this opportunity seriously, make it the best visit possible and collectively help create greater human consciousness and connection.

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