The Ridiculously Human Podcast

Modern Day Campfire Storytelling

The Ridiculously Human Podcast, is hosted by two South African brothers from other mothers, Craig and Gareth. They both have fantastic faces for Podcasting 🙂


Through the art of storytelling and storylistening, they explore epic tales of human adventure, anguish and achievement. They dive deep into people’s background stories, sometimes evoking painful suffering and other times sensational heroic exploits.


Ultimately, their desire is to share a captivating narrative which traverses everything it means to be human. So that you feel empowered, educated and inspired to go forth and conquer your greatest dreams and desires…Why? Because if someone else has done it, it gives you permission to do the same!


These conversations will tickle your fancy, stoke your curiosity, and get you excited about the possibilities and opportunities which await and exist for us all as humans.


Above all else, they strive to teach the art of vulnerability and authenticity, and to ultimately create greater human connection.

Christopher Maher - ex-Navy SEAL. Healing Expert. Coach. Speaker. Author. Spiritual Being. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Founder of True Body Intelligence
Shaun Fuchs - Author, Powerlifter, Soldier, Beloved Headmaster, Lifelong Entrepreneur
Joe Van Niekerk - ex-Springbok Rugby Player, Spiritual Guide, Owner of Rama Organica Healing Sanctuary 
AJ Venter - ex-Springbok Rugby Player, World Class Athlete, Mental Health Advocate, Host of Life with AJ Podcast 
Ellie Mackay - Documentary Filmmaker, Science Communicator, Extreme Environment Drone Pilot, and Founder of Ellipsis Earth
Shelley Paxton - Author, Coach, Ex-Harley Davidson Executive, Chief Soul Officer at Soulbbatical
Mac Brazina - Coach, Trainer, Mindset Shifter, Founder of Human Builder
Beau Miles - Doctor of Philosophy. YouTuber. Award-Winning Filmmaker. Poly-Jobist. Hobby Farmer. Part-Time Builder. Runner. Kayaker. Woodchopper. Backyard Adventurer.
Casey Schmidt - Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Coach of Mom’s, Woman Whisperer, and Founder of Cup Of Casey
Lisa Betts-LaCroix - Speaker, Dance Performer, Artful Ager, and Host of Super Power U Podcast
Nick Osipczak - Martial Artist, Movement Expert, UFC Fighter, Hemp Specialist, Founder of Raised Spirit
Mandy Lehto - Business and Executive Coach, Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host and Recovering Overachiever
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Frank Solomon - Pro Big Wave Surfer. Lifesaver. Adventurer. Spear Fisherman. Professional Travelling Surfer. Nomadic Explorer. Environmental Ocean Activist. 
Sara Quiriconi - Storyteller, Content Creator, Wellness Travel Expert, and Founder of Live Free Warrior 
Jared Easley, Author, Entrepreneur, Community Builder, Podcast Host, and Co-Founder of Podcast Movement
Gareth Cliff - Podcast and Radio Host, Curiosity Seeker, Ex-Idols Judge, Master Debater, Founder of Cliff Central
Grace Lee, Neuroscientist, Behaviour Expert, Change Evangelist, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Mastery Insights
Dylan Herholdt - Sales Guru, Realtor, Theologian, Musician, Smiler, Dad and Sales Manager at Portugal Realty
Lani Cooper - Australian Businesswoman, Stand-up Comedian,  Adorkable SmartAss EcoWarrior, Founder and CEO of MOBOT
Wayne Kaminsky, Health Expert, Designer, Endurance Athlete, Experimenter and CEO of Fitchef
Ard Matthews - Rock Legend, Musician, Singer Song Writer, Soloist and Lead Singer of Just Jinjer
Jacinta McDonell, co-founder of Anytime Fitness Australia, Founder of The Human Kind Project and W1ll Yoga and Meditation Studio
Michael O’Brien - Author, TEDx Speaker, Executive and Leadership Coach, CEO of Peloton Coaching and Consulting
Karen Millsap - TEDx Speaker, Business Advisor, Grief Expert, Resilience and Mindset Coach
Kelsey Abbott - Confidence Coach, Badass Triathlete, Instigator of Joy, Host of Find Your Awesome Podcast
John Sanei - Speaker. Trend Specialist. Business Strategist. Futurist. Educator. Elegant New Age Human. Curiosity Creator. Abundance Seeker. Storyteller. Author of FOREsight.
Bryan Falchuk - Executive and Life Coach. Bestselling Author. Professional TEDx Speaker. Host of Do A Day Podcast
Alexis Ray - Author, Radio and Podcast Host, Storyteller, Creator of Promotional Angles
Kate Swoboda - Kate Courageous. Your Courageous Life. The Courage Habit
Bernhard Baatjies - exGangster, Restauranteur and Founder of The Make A Change Project
Carl Amery, Former Sergeant Major and Combat Engineer, Coach, Director of Sales at Clients in Abundance
Claude Silver - Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia
Erik Bergman - Founder of
Dr John Demartini - Breakthrough Experience
Bud Jeffries - Strongman. Minister. Founder of An Unconventional Life
Bruce Lipton - Stem Cell Researcher and Author of Biology of Belief
Gareth Martin - Transformational and Executive Coach. Ridiculously Human Podcast Host
Craig Haywood - Chiropractor and Podcast Host
Safwan Shah - Founder of Payactiv
Alex Moore - Gold Pan Pete
Camille Knowles - The Beauty of Ezcema
Michael Bungay Stanier - Box Of Crayons
Donovan Marsh - Hollywood Film Director
Damara Ryder - Thrive Leadership
Gavin Aung Than - Zen Pencils Cartoonist
Margo Aaron - That Seems Important
Arno Carstens - Springbok Nude Girls
Ryan Hawell - Director of Operations Steiner
Richard Mulholland - Talk Drawer and
Lilia Tarawa - Gloriavale Cult Daughter
Jody Calitz - Vegan Bodybuilder
Keegan Smith - RealMOVEMENT Project
Simon McCartney - Mountaineer. Denali
Craig Haywood & Gareth Martin
Travis Kuhn - Bartender. World Class
Emily Penn - Ocean Plastic Adventurer
Robert Bowden
Helena Escalante - Entregurus
Dr Heather McKee - Habit and Behaviour Coach
Seth Godin - Blogger, Author, Podcaster
Sophie Sabbage - Cancer Whisperer and Survivor. TEDx Talk
Brianna and Kristine Tesauro - Catch Some Air
Helen Jukes - Bees. Honey. Author of A Honey Bee Heart Has Five Openings
Steve Uria - Switch Playground. Fitness Expert
Gareth Martin and Craig Haywood. The Ridiculously Human Podcast
Wanjira Mathia - Trees. Green Belt Movement. Wangari Maathai Foundation
Devin Lester - Professional Photographer. DLP.
Darin Olien - Superfood Hunter. Baruka Nuts
Hannah Phillips - Founder of HP Media and Piper Creative
Fei Wu - Podcaster. Marketing Consultant.
Chantal Dartnall - Best Female Chef. Owner of Restaurant Mosaic, South Africa
Rick Clemons - Host of Life (Un)closeted Podcast and Bold Move Expert
Alice Zaslavsky - Australian MasterChef and Founder of Alice in Frames
Tony Moze - Edutainer
Paul Connolly - Child Abuse Victim
Jay Maryniak - Founder of JTM Fit. Creator of The Functional Method
Paul De Gelder - Shark Attack Survivor. Plant Powered Bionic Man
Pamela Gay - Astronomer
Andrew Roberts - Domestic Violence Victim
Simon Van Gend - Muscian
Kelly Rennie - Busy Mums Fitness
Annie Clarke - Mind Body Bowl
Luke Storey
Chris Kilham - Plant Medicine Expert
Tara Russell
Sheena Yap Chan - Tao of Confidence
Alvin Irby - Barber Shop Books
Alex Hutchinson - Endure and Sweat
Michael O'Brien - Shift. Last Bad Day
Darryl Edwards - Primal Play and The Fitness Explorer
Rosie Millen - Nutritionist and Chronic Fatigue Sufferer
Shanan Worral - Big Waves. Shark Eyes
Dianne McGrath - Mars
Dr Thandi Ndlovu
Erin Bailey
Carla and Emma Merrymaker - The Merry Making Sisters
Joe Cross - Joe The Juicer. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The Kids Menu
Christie Lindor
Natasha Fett - Celebrity Personal Trainer
Dali and Finn Schonfelder
Lizanne Van Vuuren - Rower and Osteopath
Melissa Monte - Mind Love Podcast Host
Shaun Fuchs
Erik Kruger - High Performance Coach
Ashlyn George - The Lost Girls Guide to Finding The World
Gareth Martin and Craig Haywood - The Ridiculously Human Podcast
Dr Alex Hynes - Veterinary Surgeon
Sean Roberts
Mbulelo Thinta - Host of The Bleachers and Thinta Talk
Jessie Mundell - Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer. Workouts for Pregnancy
Eva Claire Marseille - Boeing 747 Pilot. Fly With Eva
John Sanei - Keynote Speaker and Author of What's Your Moonshot? Magnetiise and Foresight
Gareth Pickering - Immaculate Factory and Freedom Fighter
Dr Espen Hjalmby - Ninja Warrior Australia and Founder of BonFire Hot Yoga
Darryl Edwards - Primal Play and The Fitness Explorer
School of Calisthenics - David Jackson and Tim Stevenson
Anna Sward - Founder of Protein Pow
Craig Haywood and Gareth Martin