Eva Claire Marseille - Boeing 747 Pilot. Fly With Eva

“When your dream comes true, it’s a very very good feeling”


Pilot. Bookworm. Role model. Social media celebrity. Inspiration to many. Kind, funny and down to earth lady. Eva prompts us to chase our dreams and never give up.


Eva Claire Marseille – is such an inspirational lady who has always had a vision of what her perfect day looks like. Her passion, hard work, kindness and perseverance are such powerful traits which we can all learn so much from.


Eva grew up in a small town called Haarlem in the Netherlands. She was a self-confessed introvert and bookworm in her early years, absorbing as much dutch literature as she could.


A visit to a flying school is the turning point which pivots her studies and career path from journalism to becoming a pilot


It really was a huge privilege for us to get so much time with Eva and for her to speak so openly and honestly about her life and what’s makes her the inspirational lady she is today.

Eva Claire Marseille - Boeing 747 Pilot. Fly With Eva

In the Podcast we cover many interesting things you may wonder about when you think about the lavish lifestyle of pilots. It turns out you may be quite surprised! We were sad to hear about the gender discrimination which still exists in the industry too but how that never stopped her chasing her dream for one split second


She now finds herself as a role model and inspiration for many women around the world in all aspects of life. No doubt a role model for many men in life too!


Her message is eloquent and simple. If you want something badly enough, you work for it, you work more, you work even more, you never give up, you keep yourself relevant and you keep your dream alive because one day that door is going to open and you will be waiting and ready to take it with both hands and give it your absolute best shot when it comes along!


This chat is fun, intriguing, educational and so much more. We are truly grateful to bring you such an inspirational lady.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Eva Claire Marseille, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings

Craig and Gareth


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Haarlem, Netherlands

Leiden University, Netherlands


Radio Navigation

General Air Navigation

Flight Performance

VFR – Visual Flight Rules

PFL – Practised Forced Landing

Bush Flying, Brakpan South Africa

Piper Aeroplane

Cessna Aeroplane

Seneca 5 Aeroplane

Boeing 737

Boeing 747

Airbus A-380

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Boudewijn Büch

Goethe – German Writer

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The Bambuseae Rhythm Section – Check them out here


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