Kriss Berg - Episode 147

“Carving out thinking time is so critical”

Kriss Berg, is just the type of man the world needs more of!

He epitomises the notion of being morally, spiritually and physically anabolic!

He is the owner of a $15M portfolio of ecom businesses and also has multiple car wash locations. He uses nifty loop holes to reduce his tax bill to almost zero income tax.

He shares a lot of his secrets on Twitter and in his weekly Newsletter, but in this Podcast we take things a layer deeper and draw out his life lessons, advice and worldviews. Cracker of a show and legend bloke.

Kriss Berg - The Car Wash Guy on Twitter. Pays zero Tax

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • Good immigrant stories
  • Importance of helping fellow humans
  • 3 critical life skills
  • Leading through action
  • How to keep your kids grounded
  • Road trip memories
  • Exploring boredom as kids
  • Recording your stream of consciousness
  • Planning ‘thinking time’
  • Jobs all kids should do
  • Importance of soft skills
  • Wild business stories
  • Advice to new entrepreneurs with no capital
  • Start-up cultures ‘big problem’
  • Dealing with adult loneliness
  • Maintaining friendships as adults
  • Listening better and asking deeper questions
  • Psychedelics and retreats
  • Setting intentions
  • Letting your mind play
  • Finding clarity in life


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Your fellow being



Background, Context & Reference

Connect with Kriss Berg:


Website – Breakthrough

Website – Tax Free


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Discussion Links:

The Dorién Gap

Crush The Memory

Habitat for Humanity

Jefferson County Sewerage Scandal

People Mentioned

Erik Kaiser

Adam Rossi

Music By

Matthew Parker

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