Natasha Fett - Celebrity Personal Trainer

“Getting to your fitness goal, is always a push pull, sort of game”


Celebrity Trainer. Twin. Mom of Twins. Raw Food Chef. Vegan. Transformation Expert. Author. Country Music Lover. TV Producer. Loving Wife.


To get guests on our show, we follow a simple strategy of following, interacting and then emailing about 20-40 potential guests each week. In a way, this week’s conversation is kind of serendipitous, which ties in quite nicely with how our guest’s career eventually took off. Imagine, your whole life you enjoy listening to the music of a famous singer and then one day, while you are working out in the gym, he happens to be there and stops by for a chat…!!


Our guest this week, Natasha Fett, is a lady who has lived a vivid life with many fortuitous moments. Saying that, we deeply believe that things, such as luck and chance encounters, are created and earned.


Natasha, grew up in Hamburg, Germany, with her mom and twin brother. She was young when she lost her Dad tragically in a car accident. As a youngster, she was always athletic and competed in track and field at school. While working as a physical therapist for the Hamburg Football Team, she developed an interest in food and nutrition. When she was 24, as a single Mom, she decided to move yonder and head over the pond, to start her American dream.

Life is often about duality and soon after getting her first client, who was a celebrity, she discovered she was pregnant with twins. Once the company she was working for found out about the pregnancy, she lost her job and as a result had her visa cancelled too.


Her energy and desire to never give up and deal with the card’s she was dealt, is rather prevalent in her story. It was five months after the birth of her twins, when she started training both Josh Duhamel and his wife at the time, Fergie, from the Black Eyed Peas.


Deep down, Natasha is a normal lady, who like us, enjoys the creature comforts of being around her family in the leisure of her own home. She also enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors to get her weekly dose of nature.


In the podcast, we hear what it’s like to train celebrities, we discuss a fair amount about food and healthy eating habits, being vegan, country music, producing reality TV shows, Mama June dropping from 450 pounds to a size 4, advice on how to start your fitness journey and surgical operations in relation to weight loss.


We’re really thankful that Natasha took the time out from her busy schedule to share her story with us. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Natasha Fett to be Ridiculously Human.


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