Jeremy Meeks - Episode 142

“There’s a lot of men out there that didn’t try hard enough to keep their families together”

Jeremy Meeks, aka Shiver King, is not your average type of man.

He quits things he enjoys. He starts things he doesn’t enjoy. This strategy is a recipe for sensational personal growth.

His life, was work, booze, smoking, watching sports….on repeat. Until he had that aha awakening moment and realised his life was flashing before him.

A promise to walk his dogs everyday, turned into him running ultra-marathons. Running in -40 degree celsius is not unusual for him. He is built different.

Channelling his addictive personality and traits into a different realm of alignment is changing his life and inspiring many others to join him.

This is the pep talk you need!

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • The Time Travelling Tool
  • Time wasted watching sport
  • Losing friends due to your own growth
  • Starting a Weed free support group
  • Dreams returning after stopping marijuana
  • Lessons managing an online community
  • Losing his daughter
  • Slipping into bad habits
  • Best advice to give up addictions
  • A life changing promise he made to his dogs
  • Why addicts are special people
  • The anti-mentor
  • Meeting up in real life with digital friends


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Your fellow being



Background, Context & Reference

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Discussion Links:

Tribal Training

Prairie on Fire Backyard Ultra

People Mentioned:

David Goggins

Jocko Willink

Rich Roll

Books Mentioned:

Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink

Music By

Matthew Parker

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