Luke Storey

“It’s not about being afraid, it’s about being honest about the real threats of our lifestyle and putting our energy towards mitigating those things”


True Gentleman. Podcast Host. Stylist. Master Biohacker. Music Aficionado. Entrepreneur. Lifestyle Design Coach. Public Speaker. Experimentalist.


As humans, we are certainly an inquisitive and curious bunch. Both are fine traits which have led to many discoveries and inventions, as well as disagreements and altercations. It’s fair to say, that deep down, we are in some way curious about the lives of the rich and famous. Although from the outside, nothing is quite what it seems.


Our guest this week, Luke Storey, is a man with a biography that is indeed very colourful, indulgent and varied. What started off rather chaotically, has turned into a much deeper journey of spirituality and self-awakening.


Luke was born in Aspen, Colorado, into a fairly dysfunctional family environment. His Mom was a hippie and his Dad a mountain man. He was sexually abused by a baby sitter when he was a young boy, which he found shameful and then turned to alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism…..all before he was 9 years old 🙁

Luke admittedly suffered from serious behavioural problems and by the age of 14, he was committing numerous punishable felonies, like arson and robbing people’s houses. During probation, he was sent to a cult-like boarding school in Northern Idaho. Their unorthodox ways of treating kids never quite dealt with the actual issues.


Life got really exciting when he moved to Hollywood at 19. He started playing in a band, began hanging out with his childhood heroes and took his narcotic consumption to the next level. This deleterious and indulgent lifestyle eventually became too much and led to opprobrium and him hitting his rock bottom. To this day, he has been 21 years sober.


He worked as a fashion stylist for 17 years in LA, dressing all of the A-list movie and rocks stars. He has started many successful businesses, like his School of Style and The Life Stylist Podcast.


This Podcast is jammed with amazing stories and next level health tips and advice. We hear about Luke’s recent stem cell treatment including penis shots, his current relationship with celibacy, almost making it big time with his rock band, dressing Marilyn Manson for 3 years, his relationship with artificial light and why electromagnetic fields are the biggest thing for us to worry about from a health perspective.


It was an honour for a man like this to come on our Podcast. Luke we salute you and thank you for your generous donation of time. All the best brother and keep being an inspiring and  amazing human.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Luke Storey, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings

Craig and Gareth


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