Dylan Herholdt - Episode 124

“I think we communicate sometimes just to talk, but not to listen”

Dylan is one of my best friends, he was our 100th Guest, and makes a return today. He is one of my go-to guys for advice, someone who’s philosophy and outlook on life and it’s challenges, I really enjoy hearing and listening to.

Dylan is the host of Portugal’s best English-language podcast, Portugal The Simple Life. It provides an insider’s perspective into life in Portugal and what makes the country so special. He is also a Sales Director for Portugal Realty. A Portuguese-based company that has introduced thousands of families and investors to Portugal. 

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • Self-care and dealing with stress
  • His Podcast – Portugal The Simple Life
  • Amazing reasons to host a podcast
  • Why Portugal is an awesome place to live
  • What most people want in life
  • Everything Fatherhood: Lessons, Joys, Shadows, Projecting Issues
  • Challenges your own parents went through
  • Incorporating curiosity into your life
  • What your kids will teach you
  • What it takes to lead a family
  • Strategies for tough conversations
  • Books that changed his life and worldviews


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Let’s find out what it means for Dylan Herholdt to be Ridiculously Human 

Your fellow being,



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Podcast – Portugal The Simple Life

Discussion Links

TTP – Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Book Suggestions

Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday

Victor: My Journey 

In Black and White, The Jake White Story 

Monuments Men by Bret Witter Robert M. Edsel

Music By

Matthew Parker

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