Chris Hellgeth - Episode 146

“The more focus I put on my family, the more successful I become”

Chris Hellgeth, is a high school dropout, who turned a 10 cent cigarette sale into a $100MM/yr gas distribution business.

He has enjoyed the absolute highs of being successful and also endured the absolute lows of going broke.

Having his kids come home with no report card due to school fees not being paid and his wife’s credit card being rejected when buying groceries, are moments which defined him and made him the come back king.

He spends a lot of his time these days teaching and talking all things gas, convenience stores and real estate.

Chris is an absolute legend of a man, who shares a mountain of life and business advice in this conversation. Not to be missed!

Chris Hellgeth - Gas_biz guy on Twitter

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • Being a Twitter celeb
  • An ability to read the room
  • Balancing life, family, business
  • Being a present father
  • Living in ’the middle’
  • Finding your tribe online
  • School being a waste of time
  • Losing confidence in school
  • Always being a people person
  • Having a chip on your shoulder
  • Keeping your kids grounded
  • Teachings of Randy
  • Unique employee hiring tactics
  • Ruthless business
  • Going completely broke
  • Solid advice for Entrepreneurs


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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