Gareth Martin - Episode 139

Speaking to people is hands down one of the best ways to increase your knowledge and understanding of the world and other humans. For me it’s an honour

Each Podcast episode I am blown away at how much I learn from each guest. I highly recommend you engage in more deep and meaningful conversations.

Today’s episode are 21 lessons I have learned this year from speaking to fascinating Podcast guests.

Discussion Topics: Lessons will you learn from listening to this Podcast:


LESSON 1: The importance of Campfires and Storytelling

LESSON 2: Working on such a meaningful project with a friend provides a richness and deepness that is difficult to describe.

Pretty much all good things must come to an end and that closure is an important part of any cycle

LESSON 3: You find Purpose through taking action and doing things

LESSON 4: Distinguishing between the Mind, Body, and Spirit….and understanding their interconnectedness

LESSON 5: Most people are walking around with Trauma from birth, that they have no idea about

LESSON 6: The importance of having deep conversations with your parents

LESSON 7: How your passion and the energy you transmit is infectious

LESSON 8: How our stated preferences don’t follow through with our revealed preferences

LESSON 9: The benefits of being a tenacious Go-Getter and why you should use your trauma to propel you forward

LESSON 10: The Four Burners Theory and being self-aware of your energy

LESSON 11: Importance of playing hard as an adult

LESSON 12: Fame does not last forever and you need to remain humble and grounded

LESSON 13: Taking back your sovereignty, and question and research everything you put into and on your body

LESSON 14: How disconnected we have become from nature and forgotten how to raise and grow our own food

LESSON 15: Accepting the impermanence of everything

LESSON 16: There is absolutely no point in worrying

LESSON 17: You can do anything you put your mind to

LESSON 18: Treat your talent as a daily commitment

LESSON 19: Be Authentically Unprofessional

LESSON 20: Comfort is a Gateway to Dependency

LESSON 21: Meditate on your desired life


I hope you enjoy this Episode and wishing you a smashing 2024!

Your fellow being


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