Darryl Edwards - Primal Play and The Fitness Explorer

“If big cats, like Lions, can still play around like they are cubs, then why can’t we as humans?”


Amortal Human. Founder of Primal Play. The Fitness Explorer. Animal Mover. Play Specialist. Fun Expert. Paleo Chief. Public Speaker. Movement Master. Teacher.


We think that it’s important to frequently reconcile how your life is going and to ask yourself important questions like: How much fun am I having? Do I still play? How well am I moving? At a high level, being healthy can be conceptualised fairly simply – Eat well, be active, keep learning, have fun.


For many, life can be categorised into three phases. The beginning, when we are young, carefree and live in the moment. The middle, when we are working hard to provide, have more responsibility and more stress. The end when we are retired, have a bit of cash in the bank and start to live life again.


Our guest this week, Darryl Edwards, returns for the second time on our Podcast. He is our first returning guest, which makes us really proud and happy. Darryl, is the man behind a movement called Primal Play. Years ago he was faced with some chronic health issues as a result of a sedentary lifestyle while working as an Investment Banker.

Darryl Edwards - Primal Play and The Fitness Explorer

His health exploration and journey ended up becoming his passion. Recently, Darryl met a man who will forever remain in his mind, he had a few profound, yet simple words to share with Darryl – “Don’t lose your passions”.


Darryl’s philosophy on health is very inclusive and multi-dimensional. Rather importantly, he has ventured out and learned from our fellow animals, what we can adopt from them and incorporate into our lives as humans. As he says “Train like an animal, to be more human”.


Darryl’s latest book, his 3rd, is called Animal Moves. It is a smartly designed, 90 day program, for beginners to advanced practitioners, teaching us a variety of different types of animal moves. It also encompasses the philosophies and cognitive benefits of why we should be training like an animal and why we should be engaging in quadrupedal and crawling movements.


It was nice to hear Darryl’s philosophical side, maybe his primal mannerisms and ways are really coming out these days 😉 He shares his advice and wisdom with us around the differences between exercise and movement, the ancestral way of living vs the 21st century way of living, why a combination of older traditional ways and modern technology is best for our existence, why we need to have fun, how to have fun, being more mindful and present, the importance of play and laughter, chronic illness prevention, the benefits of nostalgia, listening to music from our past, dancing like nobody’s watching and finding what your superpower is.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Darryl Edwards, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings

Craig and Gareth


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People Discussed:

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Bernie DeKoven

Music By

The Bambuseae Rhythm Section – Check them out here


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