Bronwyn Williams - Episode 125

“When it comes to the future, you gotta sort of pick your own shade of uncertainty”

This conversation was absolutely fantastic. Bronwyn’s insights, worldview, knowledge, and the way she articulates her outlook on life and the world, is inspiring for anyone to listen to!

Her revealed optimism and philosophical perspective on the future and what it holds, will get you excited about the future and what opportunities await us. In what can sometimes seem like a bit of a dystopian and robotic future, Bronwyn will highlight the reason’s why there is a lot to look forward to and that the human spirit will rise, as we will always have a necessity for our softer needs to be met.

Bronwyn Williams, is a futurist, economist, strategist, trend analyst, international speaker, avid reader, and published writer.

She believe’s trends should yield insights, insights should drive innovation and policy, and strategy should deliver quantifiable results.

Bronwyn likes to be known as professional “court jester”. A character that speaks truth to power and “rattles the cages” of the rich and powerful, by presenting important ideas in an entertaining manner that changes the most hardened hearts, using humour and wit, rather than brute force. Her ethos is to make us ‘be comfortable with being uncomfortable.’

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • Why South Africa is a good place to live
  • Why Joburgers are amazing networkers
  • Teachers influencing your life trajectory
  • The importance of reading
  • The importance of writing
  • Ever considered, reading an art form?
  • Paperback vs Kindle
  • Digital fragility – how information decays
  • The analogue revolution
  • Analogue vs Digital
  • Why economics is a field study of humans
  • Stated preferences vs Revealed preferences
  • Why optimists change the world
  • Revealed optimism v revealed pessimism
  • Future trends to be aware of
  • What most people want
  • What does the future hold for teenagers
  • Finding meaning and legacy
  • Why breathe work is essential
  • Bronwyn’s book recommendations
  • Why chaos is a necessity


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Let’s find out what it means for Bronwyn Williams to be Ridiculously Human 

Your fellow being,



Background, Context & Reference

Connect with Bronwyn Williams: 

Website – Flux Trends

Website – Personal





Discussion Links  

Chat GPT

Books Mentioned

Agatha Christine Mysteries

George Orwell 1984

Seeing Like a State


Elephant in the Brain

The Upside of Down

Narrative Economics


People Discussed

Martin Armstrong – Armstrong Economics

Anne Rand

Daisy De Melker 

Jordan Peterson

Richard Mulholland

Seth Godin

Books Suggestions

The True Believer – Eric Hoffer

Nation – Terry Pratchet

Music By

Matthew Parker

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