Chris Boettcher - Episode 137

“If we’re not choosing discomfort in some capacity, then it can quickly spiral and lead to a very purposeless life”

Chris Boettcher is the eldest of 4 brothers, so competitiveness and rivalry is second nature to him.

Talent is definitely not lacking in his physiology. He is a former college basketball player turned track athlete, and also a 10x Ironman Finisher!

As a doctor of Physical Therapy, his background allows him to draw from extensive experience working with the sickest patients to the highest level athletes, helping them to achieve greater health quality and lifespan.

Recently, he co-founded “Brother 2 Brother,” a community health and wellness program for men. Providing them with the tools and structure to develop a mindset for long term success.

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • The dilemma of not enjoying social media but having 122k Twitter followers
  • What it’s like growing up as 4 brothers
  • The most balanced sport in the world
  • Is having a 3rd kid, easier or harder?
  • The positive influence of stay at home parents
  • Homeschooling
  • Lessons since becoming a father
  • Why boredom is important
  • Importance of journalling
  • Transforming away from a high anxiety type person
  • How Covid positively shifted his mindset and lifestyle
  • Men’s lack of self-belief
  • How your unhealthy lifestyle is holding you back
  • Going from Doctor to Men’s group facilitator/coach
  • Niching down to find your audience
  • Unlearning what you’ve been taught
  • Competing in 10 Ironman’s
  • Top lessons from endurance sports
  • Why it is important to do hard things
  • Seeking discomfort for growth
  • Brother 2 Brother Men’s Group
  • Why Dad’s get left behind
  • What are men generally struggling with?
  • The benefits of community
  • The benefits of a coaching partnership
  • Reducing anxiety in your life
  • Advice on improving sleep


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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