Craig and Gareth - Episode 119

Sadly, all good things must sometimes come to an end. This episode is the last which Craig and I recorded together. We think it’s super important for you as listener, friend, or silent supporter of the Podcast, to know the reason why we stopped hosting it as a team of brothers from other mothers! 

In this short episode, we discuss why the Podcast ended so abruptly 2.5 years ago, which led to a super long hiatus and also what’s in store for the future of the Podcast with me, Gareth, taking it forward as a solo-host.



My brother, from the moment we met in Ibiza it has been a bromance of note. Words alone cannot explain how much our friendship means to me. Doing the Podcast with you for the years we hosted together was one of the highlights of my life! It was also one of the greatest growth periods in my life too. Building a platform and community with you was so much fun, and we did it all online which is pretty crazy because I think we are actually both much more charismatic and comfortable doing things in person! From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thanks for this amazing experience that I will forever refer back to with the fondest of memories. I love you maaabooooiiii!



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Matthew Parker

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