“People over complicate everything. When you look at plastic pollution, if see some on the ground, just pick it up. That’s all you have to do”


Pro Big Wave Surfer. Lifesaver. Adventurer. Spear Fisherman. Professional Travelling Surfer. Nomadic Explorer. Environmental Ocean Activist.


Travelling is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself in terms of your understanding of the world, and where and how you fit in. It really provides a perspective you would otherwise struggle to find in any other teachings you receive.


Our guest this week has been to many corners of the globe, that others would never venture to. Often doing things at the drop of a hat, with little to no plans and very little cash. It is this adventurous spirit that has provided him with endless tales of exploration, that he can keep telling for the rest of his life.


Frank Solomon was born and grew up in Hout Bay, South Africa. Since he can remember he has been a water baby and now has a special connection with the ocean and is almost at one with it.

Frank Solomon - Pro Big Wave Surfer. Lifesaver. Adventurer. Spear Fisherman. Professional Travelling Surfer. Nomadic Explorer. Environmental Ocean Activist. 

Frank’s introduction to big waves was as a result of his curiosity and cheekiness getting the better of him when he was a young 20 year old. There was a big surf competition in his ‘backyard’ at a place called Dungeons, in Cape Town. He was warned that he was too much of a novice to participate and should seek advice from the organisers for how to get involved in future years. Knowing much better than the rock-solid advice that was given to him, he walked over a mountain and paddled out to where the surfers were competing. As he explains, the waves were way bigger than he imagined and he ended up getting smoked, although he did make it back to shore safely. Back safe, he was hooked and two years later he would be competing in that exact competition!


2011 was a big year for Frank. He travelled for 7 months backpacking, using his Dad’s old Army backpack. It started off with an epic sailing trip for 68 days from South Africa to Thailand. It was also the year he also started competing in the Big Wave World Tour. To top it off, he appeared on the cover of the ZigZag surfing magazine in South Africa, which is a rather big deal in the surfing community.


In 2014, while surfing Rileys in Ireland, he fractured his L2 vertebra, and that really put things into perspective for him.


‘Let’s Be Frank’, a movie about his life premiered in LA 3 years after the idea was thought up. That same year, 2016, Frank also got to surf the mother of all waves called Jaws, in Hawaii. An experience that not many can say they have attempted or even come close too. A good description for people that get to surf that wave is “Big Cahoonas!”


While Frank continues to travel the world and surf whenever the opportunity arises, he has in recent years started an organisation called Sentinel Ocean Alliance. They currently have 100 underprivileged kids a week coming through their programme in South Africa.


Frank is an environmental and ocean activist by accident. In his way, he campaigns and raises awareness around how we can all contribute in our own little way to use less plastic, to be conscious of and take responsibility for our actions, so we can all make this world a better and cleaner place to live.


Frank is a free spirit, with a very humble and holistic approach to life. He enjoys the open road, the empty beaches, the unseen perspectives and unknown waves. And…..life keeps getting more interesting along the way.


We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.


Let’s find out what it means for Frank Solomon, to be Ridiculously Human.


Your fellow beings,

Craig and Gareth


Background, Context & Reference

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Frank’s Films and Charity:

Let’s Be Frank

Street Surfers – Documentary

Sentinel Ocean Alliance

Places Mentioned:

Hout Bay, South Africa

Dungeons, Hout Bay

Seal Island, Hout Bay

Mavericks, California

Crayfish Factory, Cape Town 

Hell-Ville, Madagascar

Atoll – Bassas da India 

Jaws Wave, Hawaii

Nazare, Portugal

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