Amanda Carneiro - Episode 153

“I think your everything expands in travelling. Your ability to handle the unknown expands”

Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father often leaves scarring and has a lifelong impact on a child.

In 2005, Amanda Carneiro, overcame her lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. She also shed the extra 30 pounds she had put on going through her traumatic experience.

Completely transforming her body and my mind, spilled over to other areas of her life: Her career blossomed, relationships improved, and self-worth sky-rocketed.

She is now a seasoned world traveller, teaching others how to overcome their health issues, how to better understand themselves and their bodies, and how to live more prosperous and full lives!

I really enjoyed chatting with Amanda, tons to learn in this Pod!!!

Amanda Carneiro - Functional Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Discussion Topics: What you will discover from listening to this Podcast:

  • Home luxuries you miss when in Central/South America
  • The difficulty in being healthy in USA
  • Importance of taking breaks from environments
  • Dealing with life long depression and anxiety
  • Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father
  • Dealing with childhood trauma
  • Healing bloating and gut issues
  • Identifying you have gut issues
  • Supplements – good or bad?
  • How to avoid late night snacks
  • Getting optimal sleep
  • Homeschooling renaissance
  • Travel being the greatest teacher


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Your fellow being



Background, Context & Reference

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Discussion Links:

Matt Walker – Joe Rogan Podcast

Books Mentioned:

The Second Brain – Michael D Gershon

Why We Sleep – Matt Walker

Music By

Matthew Parker

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