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Superhumanship#16 - Addictions and Dis-ease - For New Age Micro-Leaders and Micro-Influencers

Superhumanship, is a bonus podcast series which we run, that is all geared towards authentic leadership. Each week we try to disseminate the wisdom shared by our guests and provide our two cents too.


We believe that in this day and age, we are all leaders and all people of influence. New age leadership, is upon us. So therefore, we need to adapt and all realise we have this amazing opportunity to contribute to this shift in micro-leadership and micro-influence.


This week we spoke about…


Subconscious Programming:

  • Being conscious of our internal dialogue
  • Dreams take effort to achieve



  • Watch out for eating disorders in friends
  • People with addictions are calling for help in an outside way that they don’t know how to voice
  • We have to listen more and be conscious of how others are behaving
  • The difficulty in bringing up issues where you can see other people are suffering
  • Having three drinks just to forget your day, is the same as going on Facebook for an hour and zoning out
  • The repetitive nature of addictions


Healthy habits:

  • Cooking for yourself and forming a healthy connection and relationship with food
  • Detoxing by unfollowing people on social media, unsubscribing to email newsletters, etc
  • Making your life less complex wherever you can
  • Line up your actions with your values. If it doesn’t feel right in your gut, don’t do it
  • Load up your passport and see the world. Let travel be your best education
  • Journaling as a powerful tool to get out your mental shit
  • The power in collaboration
  • Saving money in certain parts of your life, to spend on things you really enjoy
  • Making an effort every single day to have fun



  • The importance of mobility in our life
  • Yoga being so much more than just a few stretches
  • Don’t be discouraged when you do something for the first time and you don’t like it!!


Life Changes / Lessons / Why:

  • Whenever you want to make change, it’s really important to know the ‘why’
  • If you learning something along the way, it’s never the wrong choice. It’s just the correction
  • We are all not honest enough with ourselves
  • People are very quick to judge others, because it’s a projection of themselves


Societal / Self-inflicted Pressures:

  • Putting pressure on yourself to overachieve
  • If you’re jealous of somebody, it means you want to do something too


Living Cancer Free:

  • A ‘cancer’ can be defined in many ways, e.g. poor relationships that we’re in
  • Dis-ease is when we find ourselves disconnected from others and ourself
  • Living free is really an empowered choice
  • Take health seriously, get checked out and don’t be a hero!
  • Carrying on doing what you have always done, even though you know it is wrong


Collaboration / Providing Value:

  • Self publishing a book
  • Working together as a couple can be cool and awesome

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