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Hellloooo all

It has been a while only because I had a little trip away to Hong Kong which was booked some time ago. From here I will make these more consistent and not every two weeks (think I have said that a few times now, lol!)

So I’ve been learning and doing so much these last two weeks, it’s amazing the availability of great information and courses out there!

Firstly a quick one on my trip to HK – it was to go to a conference on the world economy and understand what the future holds or at least to have a faint idea what may happen! Being an ex-banker (ooooh-that sounds kinda nice to write!) I am clearly interested in the world economy. For a good 1.5 years I have been following a man called Martin Armstrong who has a seriously fascinating story and is a well respected person in the financial world (download a movie called ‘The Forecaster‘ or find it on YouTube). He runs a fantastic company, website, blog etc called Armstrong Economics – his blog is very insightful, he is a straight shooter and holds nothing back. If you’re interested in the economy, the future of the world and history then subscribe to his blog and enjoy his daily posts.

Since being back from HK, I have been on a massive learning mission!!! Some of these courses I wish I had done before in my spare time but alas I was most likely busy with other stuff then too so now is the perfect time. As I plan to hopefully run an online, digital business I need to know a helluva lot more about social media and digital marketing. Whooaaaa there is so much interesting information, tools, tips, tricks etc that you can use to create a more professional and better online presence but unless you make the effort to learn about it you’ll probably be none the wiser. I have been using two websites Udemy and Skillshare to learn more about Photography, Video recording, Digital Marketing, Social Media Platform, Blogging etc which will help me so much moving forward. Some of these courses take days, some of them hours but it’s about implementing everything you learn. I now appreciate how important it is for anyone to get their own website up and running, so that is going to be a focus for me moving forward, even if it is a skeleton site to begin with.

I still find it rather daunting looking at everyone who is out there and how successful they appear to be! I always think what is the difference, niche or uniqueness I can add but sometimes it doesn’t need to be a niche. A blog post I received from Seth Godin today was rather timely saying there is one place you can make your mark and that is your Attitude! I also watch a lot of videos by Gary Vaynerchuk and this one from 35:35-36:10 spells out a few great reasons why it’s so important to be patient in everything that you do!

Two cool things – I start Chef School this Friday! That’s right…..I enrolled to learn to become a Natural Chef

I don’t want to work in a restaurant or anything like that but I do feel that I need some professional training to make a success of my business, especially as one of the key focuses is nutrition and healthy eating. Secondly we started a 10 week course on the Wim Hof Method yesterday which is so awesome. It’s a breathing method / program / technique which you do everyday for 10 weeks to improve your health as well as prepare and train you to be able to take an ice-bath without having to hyper ventilate just to put your toes in the water!

I’ve been keeping up with my Yoga practise, not daily but at least 4 times a week. I’m also teaching Maressa so that we can do our self practise together which is nice. It’s been interesting ‘teaching’ again….I definitely need to brush up a lot for when I do get to teach a full class again!

Time to continue learning and put together some awesome content I have been planning.

Have a super week

Gareth / BB / China / Token

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