17 Things To Start 2024 On The Front Foot

1. GET YOUR HEALTH IN CHECK People don’t understand the importance of looking after their mental, physical and spiritual health. The difference it makes to your outlook on life, and also how you are perceived by other people can make your entire life experience different. I believe that most unhealthy people are operating at 60% […]


World's Toughest Mudder 2012

One of my greatest lessons in understanding my mental and physical capacity became clear in 2012. I truly believe that to understand what you are capable of mentally, you need to push yourself physically. Yet, most people will idle through life not truly knowing what they are capable of! Trust me when I say, that […]

How to get and stay motivated

Motivation is entirely individual and it really comes down to finding out what works for you. Every single person in the world is different, which is what makes motivation such an interesting and diverse concept. Just because your friends get motivated by going to the gym, or by having a successful career which gives them […]

The best filer in the world — my breakthrough!

A journey from Filer to → Yogi to → Coach and Podcaster…and why YOU must chase your dreams too!! I moved to London, from South Africa, when I was 18 years old, FRESH out of high school! I had a plane ticket, a small amount of savings and was off to the UK, where I practically knew nobody! […]

7 simple and free things you can do now, to optimise your health.

7 Simple things you can do now, without paying a cent, to optimise your health I used to be that gym freak who spent endless hours in the gym hitting weights. I’m not knocking it at all because it did bring me an immense amount of fun, focus, friends and one or two muscles 🙂 […]

Why Yoga?

Why did I decide to do Yoga and what is my intention with my Teacher Training Certification once complete? The reason that I decided to do a Yoga course is firstly because I really like Yoga, secondly I realised that to be good at any sport, including things like weight training / bodybuilding / running […]

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