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Why Yoga?

Why did I decide to do Yoga and what is my intention with my Teacher Training Certification once complete? The reason that I decided to do a Yoga course is firstly because I really like Yoga, secondly I realised that to be good at any sport, including things like weight training / bodybuilding / running etc you need to be flexible as well as be able to tune in to your mind muscle connection. I think that there are a lot of people who lift weights or do sports that are probably performing at 70% of their capacity even if they are really good and experienced. Reason being they are not stretching when they train and do also not really tune in to their training by activating the mind muscle/body connection. I don’t want to just become a Yoga teacher I want to add it as an art / discipline I can call on to give people a much more knowledgeable, rounded and thorough approach to their fitness and well being. The body and everything in it is connected – it is one. We need to realise this to be more effective and efficient as humans in our every day life and training.

This morning we had a slightly different class to the standard Ashtanga Series. It was a back bending / stretching class to help pretty much with our back and core strength. I am massively lacking when it comes to a few things – my hips are way too stiff, my core and lower back are weak, my hamstrings do just not want to give in……but I’m hoping that in a week or so that there will be a little breakthrough and all those muscles will start to either loosen or activate properly!

We had our hour of breath and meditation training after, so every morning from now we start with a 3 hour session. Sounds like heaven to me!!!

After brekkie we had our Anatomy and Alignment class, it’s amazing how technical it is to do these postures correctly. It is also massively humbling when you think you have been doing something the right way for years (and silently were quite proud of it!) however you learn in your class that is not the case at all and you need to make some significant adjustments to correct it…..ahhhhh!! Hahaha. That’s the exact reason I am here, to better myself, learn and improve.

An interesting little fact for you, in Ashtanga one of the 8 limbs is a thing called Bandha and these are locks to keep heat, energy, stability and strength in your body and practise. So during your whole practise you need to keep these engaged – one is called your Mula Bandha which is basically your perineum (google that at work!) and the other is your Uddiyana Bandha which are your lower abdominals. The concentration is takes to keep those both engaged the whole class is a task in it’s own!

The afternoon was great we had further lessons on Ayurveda and that was another fascinating class mainly finding out what type of category you fall in to – Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Will get more into that at a later stage. Lots of natural remedies to start trying out going forward. Maressa I hope you are looking forward to it as much as me, haha

Our late afternoon Yoga class was a Yin Yoga class. OMW ……that was a first for me. It’s a fairly chilled class in terms of the movements but when you are holding certain poses for like 5 minutes each you really really start to feel the burn!! Was a super awesome setting to have a Yoga class though with the Shala (studio) over looking the sea and the wind blowing through.

I’m definitely happy that I choose a school so close (ON!) to the beach.

Big love, peace and happiness to all

Gareth / BB / Token / China

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